Boys star Anthony Starr arrested for assault
Anthony Starr, actor known for the Amazon Prime video series “The Boys,” spent the night in Spanish custody. According to Spanish newspaper El País, Starr allegedly assaulted a cook in the middle of the night in a bar who testified that the star was drunk and was knocking on other guests.

Anthony Starr guilty of a bar fight?

Starr is currently in Alicante, Spain, where Guy Ritchie’s “The Interpreter” starring Jake Gyllenhaal is being filmed. Eyewitnesses testified that on Wednesday night the actor started a fight involving 21-year-old Venezuelan chef Patuel Araujo. It started with a verbal exchange, and he finally hit Star Araujo with a bottle or glass bottle, injuring him around the eye. The victim had four stitches in this spot.

Araujo told the local newspaper he didn’t know who Starr was, but the latter threatened loudly, shouting, “You don’t know who you manipulated. You don’t know who I am or what I did.”

It is not known whether and how this event will affect the fate of the filming of Guy Ritchie’s film “The Translator”, or whether the creators of “The Boys”, whose third season will begin in June, will have any consequences for Star.

The Boys Season 3 (Trailer from Season 3)

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