Ana Mucha should be treated with flair.  She lost her job at Koglumoglu.

Regardless of the wave of critical opinions of the masses, the fifth installment of the legendary production “Kogel-Mogel” is being created. The cast and crew of the film have already entered the set, which Maciej Zakoselny and Katarzyna Skrzenica reported some time ago. Work on the fifth installment of the film was in full swing, but not all the heroes of the previous parts could count on participation. On the set of the movie “Kogel-mogel 5, or Baby Boom!” Unexpectedly there will be a shortage Ana Mucha.

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Ana Mucha Will Not Star in ‘Kogel-mogel 5’

As “Super Express” learned, the star of “M jak miłość” who played the cunning inspector Bożena Dudała in the previous two parts and made a big mess in the lives of Marcin Zawada (Nikodim Rozbecki) and Agnieszka Laska (Aleksandra Hamkalo). ), This time there is no point in counting on participation.

Why such a decision? As the creators explain, this time the plot of the film will focus on other heroes. The main characters will be played by the aforementioned Katarzyna Skrzenica and Maciej Zakoselny..

– said someone from the production to the tabloid.

Ana Mucha shared the fate of Ewa Kasprzyk

Remember that in the last part of the picture “Kogel-mogel 5, or Baby Boom!” Petros’ mother, played by Ewa Kasprzyk, will also be missing. It was the character of Barbara Wolańska who uttered the famous line in the second part of the film:

The sad news was confirmed by the actress herself recently, when she responded to a question by “Super Express” about rumors about her absence from the last part of “Kogla-mogla”, she said: ““Kogel-mogel” would be without Wolańska“.

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