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Blanka Lipinska allowed herself to be honest. She told how daring erotic scenes are filmed. He personally participates in their rehearsals.

Blanca Lipinska He is the author of popular novels. The book is titled 365 days. The work was shown, which was a huge hit on Netflix. At the end of the month, a continuation of this film will be released on the platform: 365 days: today. The writer does not give up her career and is already preparing another film.

This time he will tell us the story of the writer’s relationship with Rockman. The star doesn’t hide that the production will hint at her relationship with her baron. As she said in an interview with Jastrząb Post, the musician is unlikely to be happy with her.

we will see. It’s hard to see yourself through the eyes of others. This will only be my vision. It will be as it will be. He’ll add some color to it, but the truth will still be true anyway, because I think many of the situations that have occurred must have been singular. It would be a bit like z 365 days – I said that 365 stories have already happened, but I will never say where is 80% and where is 20%. So you will never know where the fantasy is and where the truth is. However, I think viewers will be very pleased with this movie.

This picture is supposed to be as hot as the previous movies. I remember that 365 days Scenes abounded in real-looking sex scenes. Because of this, some viewers criticized him a lot. Blanca regularly receives questions about how the sex scenes are filmed. So I decided to stop guessing and explained everything.

Blanca Lipinska about sex scenes. what did she say?

The writer admitted that she directed these scenes herself, and it was not easy.

When the erotic scenes started with number one, because I was getting this sex off, I thought it was easy. Look, it is not. These are the most difficult scenes that you can portray in a movie.

Why is it so?

Sex is our most intimate activity. Sex is an activity we don’t want to show. (…) And now it is like this: we do not have much “laughing” at such scenes on the set. There is a minimum number of people in a group, but the minimum is still a dozen. (…) The actor realizes how many eyes are looking at what he is doing at the moment.

She added that the actors do not have a simple task because they know that their achievements will not only be shown by the production of the picture, but also by millions of viewers around the world, which certainly does not help in building the right mood.

I admire my actors and am so grateful that they trusted me so much during these scenes and during rehearsals.

As she explains, the sexy “choreography” that appears in some of her films requires long and demanding training. She is also involved in them! Together with the director, Thomas Mendestakes on the role of his actors to showcase what to expect for cinematographers, sound engineers and other crew members.

It’s neither sexy nor alluring when Mendes and I roll on the bed, checking to see if the camera can capture what I want you to see on screen later.

Then, to prove she was telling the truth, she showed videos of Mendes and a crew member showing the rest of her co-workers what was going to happen in the next scene. Both gentlemen were dressed of course.

Did you expect that filming such scenes is far from romantic?

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