Best movies with Ryan Gosling - TOP 10

After arranging movies with Jack Nicholson and Anthony Hopkins (you’ll find them one by one in this place And Here), it’s time to go back to the slightly younger generation of actors from Hollywood today. This time, we’ll use an artist who’s not afraid of any role – someone who can find themselves in almost every genre and climate of production. A real human movie orchestra.

as you guessed Today we bring you the best movies with Ryan Gosling. And as a testament to the diversity of man’s representation, you’ll see how many different types of production appear in the list below. I am convinced that literally everyone will be able to find something for themselves. So without stretching it out, take a look at the items we picked for you. And we’ll start with a slightly less well-known title…

The Second Face (2012) – TOP 10 – Ryan Gosling movies

The 2012 production revolves around Luke A lost man is convinced that there is literally nothing to keep him in this world. However, when one day he learned that he had a son he didn’t know about, he decided to fight. He will get his old life back and the family that can help him get back on his feet again. However, he will have to learn that every decision has consequences.

Idy Marcowe (2011) – Top 9 Ryan Gosling Movies

this time Political drama directed by George Clooney. It tells the story of Stephen Myers, who leads the campaign for President of the United States on the staff of Mike Morris. Unfortunately, when a mysterious woman appears in his life, he begins to confuse his head and make him forget about his duties. The man will have to set his priorities again.

Eddie Marco (2011) - Ryan Gosling movies

nice guys. Equal Guests (2016) – Top 8 Ryan Gosling Films

A hilarious crime comedy from five years ago centers on a pair of private detectives, Starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. Good team, right? Everything takes place in the 70s of the last century, in Los Angeles with a very sunny climate. When the two discover a conspiracy sewn into a thick thread, they drop everything and choose to solve the case. Well, the decision will not make their life easier.

nice guys.  Equal Guests (2016) - Ryan Gosling films

Blue Valentine (2010) – Top 7 – Ryan Gosling movie

Next on the list is a tumultuous melodrama by Derek Cianfrance, in which we observe a long-running marriage She is trying to revive this ancient fire within herself And the feeling has faded a little. The story itself shows the ups and downs of the pair, and it is likely that many people will be able to identify with him. During the session, you can be moved, cry, be happy and get angry. Real roller coaster.

Blue Valentine (2010) - Ryan Gosling movie

School Fist (2006) – Top 6 – Ryan Gosling Movies

The oldest movie in our rating, as many people may not know Ryan! In this case, we are dealing with the drama of Dan Dunne – a seemingly ordinary history teacher with a serious condition – He is addicted to drugs. When a student learns about his problem, she decides to help him. This leads to many different situations that I don’t want to disclose.

School Fist (2006) - Ryan Gosling films

Big Short (2015) – TOP 5 – Ryan Gosling movie

The top five starts with a title with a real star cast. We can watch the main roles Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Brad Pitt and of course Ryan Gosling. It makes an impression, doesn’t it? The drama is about the financial market crash in 2008 and about a group of people who have grown tremendously during the project. Adam McKay gave us a really interesting production.

Big Short (2015) - Ryan Gosling movie

The First Man (2018) – TOP 4 – Ryan Gosling movies

There hasn’t been a biographical element in the ranking yet, but there will also be a place for it – especially when we’re talking about high-quality productions like The First Man directed by Damien Chazelle. The film focuses on Neil Armstrong (part of his life) and a well-known space mission that ended with a moon landing. If you haven’t seen one, make up for it – even for the special effects alone.

The First Man (2018) - Ryan Gosling films

Blade Runner 2049 (2017) – TOP 3 – Ryan Gosling movie

Blade Runner fans have had to wait patiently for the sequel – but when it first came out, it lived up to expectations. Denis Villeneuve took us back into the world of famous cyberpunk and let’s immerse ourselves in the world of androids. Ryan takes on the role of Officer K.Which aims to find the famous robot hunter Rick Deckard. I did well.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Ryan Gosling movie

La La Land (2016) – Top 2 – Ryan Gosling movie

In second place was the musical by Damien Chazelle (the same person who was responsible for “The First Man”). Everything here is about two lovers – jazz guitarist, Sebastian, and actress Mia. Needless to say, if anyone doubts whether it is worth it, it is best to mention the movie He has as many as six Oscars and seven Golden Globes. A truly record-breaking production with outstanding sound design.

La La Land (2016) - Ryan Gosling movie

Engine (2011) – TOP 1 – Ryan Gosling movie

And while I really appreciate said music, it is My favorite movie with Ryan Gosling is “Drive”.that first appeared a decade ago. The mysterious driver lives in two forms – during the day he works as a stuntman and at night he works undercover as a driver for gangsters. However, when a woman who loses his head appears in his life, he also begins to lose control of his dynamic life. You must see it!

Drive (2011) - Ryan Gosling movie

Ryan Gosling Movies – Summary

And another crater behind us! I found a site in this video ranking that caught your attention? I hope so! As a criterion, as in any similar article, I also noted here that although I tried to compare my choices with the general ratings of critics, it was not possible to completely eliminate the subjective approach. So, if there are the best Ryan Gosling movies that you think should be here – mention them in the comments section. As always – have a fun session.

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