The Last of Us Series – Episode 3 director explains hidden meaning of The Last Shot
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January 30, 2023, 17:20

The third episode of The Last of Us ended on a sweet note. It seemed familiar to fans of the game for some reason. The director acknowledged the intent of the scene.

Image source: The Last of Us; Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann; HBO. 2023


a series The last of us It’s a really successful adaptation of the game. The internet is filled with surprising comparisons between the two products. Good acting encourages viewers to look for references in later episodes of the series. And the third episode of the HBO show ended with a scene that stirred the minds of fans looking for similarities.

In the final scene, we look out the window of Frank and Bill’s house, watching Joel and Ellie drive away. Fans of the game found a familiar theme in this scene. after running part One The game, a window decorating the main menu appears on the screen. It is overgrown, broken, which is why the wind pierces it, blows the curtains. It ends with a similar opinion The last of us part twoAs Ellie walks away, leaving her guitar propped on the windowsill.

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during an interview with inverse Peter Hoar, director of the third episode of the HBO series, was asked about the similarity. The man admitted that this was the result of the idea of ​​smuggling the theme from the main game menu in the series. He was supposed to appear at the beginning of every episode. But the director explained that at the beginning of the third episode there is no place for this anymore, because the main characters are far from home.

The perfect moment to use this theme finally came. Joel and Ellie leave and we can watch from Frank and Bill’s house. Hoar admitted that the shot was important to him. In a somber scene, we can return one last time to the place the main duo left behind.

Of course we get to see Joel and Ellie disappear into the sunset, but I wanted to spend the last minute with Bill and Frank and didn’t know how to do it. Back through their window, we can see the flowers that have withered, a heartbreaking sight, and one of Frank’s pictures on the wall. I thought this was our last moment. We actually go back to the world of Frank and Bill for this final shot because I didn’t want to leave.

Similar solutions in production are very interesting. Only the third episode is behind us, and the next episode may also bring us as many of these ideas and references as possible.

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