An unusual phenomenon in the sky.  It's like a portal to another world

The discovery of the existence of a light vortex by residents of Europe is not the only case of its appearance. Such “gates” rarely appear in the night skyBut reports of them have been repeated for several years. Although such snails are occasionally seen, People see it from time to time in different places around the world. This time they were seen, among others, from Iceland, but in previous years Observations of this phenomenon have also been reported, including: in Alaska, Hawaii and New Zealand.

– It is interesting that such a spiral circular portal was captured in the sky again – Craig Yahn wrote on Twitter, commenting on new photos of the facility.

What is the effect of light that makes people think of a portal to another world or a UFO ship? The answer seems to be much simpler than you might expect.

After a few days Since the light vortex was last observed, an expert explanation has emergedThe wonderful vortexes observed by the inhabitants of Europe are A side effect of work related to Elon Musk's project. News about this, among others, has been announced, however, several experts have commented on this topic in previous years of Lubuskie Storm Hunters, including: Richard Easter, Professor of Physics at the University of Auckland. The man stressed that this “Swirling clouds” are associated with human activity.

The appearance of the vortices depends on where the missile was launched and its trajectory. This time it happened at this point that the vortex also became observable from parts of Europe.

SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg, California, on a mission called Transporter-10. There are 52 satellites on board, most of which are produced by Starlink. The orbit was tilted at 97 degrees, which meant that The flight took place along the polar route over Iceland – We read in the explanation.

That day, shortly after midnight, Falcon 9 began to run out of fuel. It was visible in the Icelandic sky. Many people have noticed the vortex that arose as a result of this procedure.

When the fuel was emptied, the missile was about 500 kilometers above the ground. High enough to light the fuel, and also high enough that this effect would not have a significant impact on our atmosphere (…) During this action, the rocket rotates, creating a spiral pattern as it falls – explains the expert.

The effect of this process looks amazing and stimulates the imagination. However, it turns out that, as in many other mysterious phenomena, the person himself contributed to their creation.

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