Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has been cancelled.  It was supposed to be successful, nothing would have been

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE was supposed to be the star of the Korean manufacturer’s fall show, and it would never hit stores. Competition from… Samsung itself and processor problems are the cause.

After the success of the predecessor, there were definitely ManiaKs for whom Samsung Galaxy S21 FE It would be a dream come true. The highly efficient processor, large battery, and the promise of long upgrade support have blown the imagination. Unfortunately – the sale of the “cheap fold” and the accelerated premiere of the S22 would frustrate our plans.

Of course, the interest in buying the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is so huge that it is no longer profitable to flaunt standard high-end phones. The thing is that, besides discounts and bonuses, it is basically the same segment. Add to that the constant shortage of supplying the best processors and we have to blame. And this is not the end.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE / fot. AndroidHeadlines

The thing is that the flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 will be very similar to the S21 FE. There are many reports on the Internet that the Korean manufacturer will once again speed up the premiere for the whole family. We’re even talking about December, and the last one – like last year – will be January. In such a scenario, offering another “almost” flagship, when a natural competitor appears in a few weeks at a similar price, is meaningless.

Is there regret? Perhaps not quite, because the Galaxy S21 FE was supposed to suffer from the same problems as the entire S21 family at the beginning of the year. Extremely slow charging and an overheating processor will not look good at the top of the Korean manufacturer’s presentation.

If you want to buy this smartphone, the model will be very similar Samsung Galaxy S22+. You will learn all about this model (and others within the main family from Korea) in our always updated summary:

Samsung Galaxy S22 – Summary. Ultra with S Pen, S22 with almost no news!

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