Enough, Piotr Żyła “answers” ​​the rumors and shows what the truth is.  “Picture with young people”

This year's competition Ski Jumping World Cup In Lahti Aleksander Znieszczol will be well remembered forever. There he won his first podium in his career. Immediately after the successful attempt, his teammates – Paweł Wąsek and Maciej Kot – ran to him and congratulated him. The absence of Kamil Stoch and Piotr Sheila was conspicuous. Neither of them took a group photo after Sunday's competition.

Their behavior was trying Thomas Thornbichler explained. “When we all got back to the hotel, we had a nice dinner There the men congratulated OlekThey celebrated with him and it was clear that they treated it with the appropriate respect. They showed him that he was worth it. It's not a big deal, they just got back to the hotel. They were very angry with themselves after the jumps because they made the same mistake as before. “It was frustrating for them,” he told Sport.pl.

During the competition, the conditions were changeable, there was a lot of wind and it was not even known whether it would be possible to complete the competition. It appears that the competition may be cancelled. It wasn't easy, everything took a long time and the guys just went to the hotel. They didn't tell me about it, but they were still emotional and angry after the competition, so it wasn't unusual. I would like to stress that they were happy with Olek after that and really showed him respect

~ – He added.

Coach version as it were Alexander Zniszczoł confirmed. He publicly admitted that although Stoch and Żyła were not on the mound, they of course congratulated him and were happy with his success. Title As raised by Adam MaischExpressing understanding of the jumpers' feelings. “I know the team was angry about the players leaving. On the other hand, this is a very individual matter. They were definitely a little frustrated that it didn't work out for them. And on top of that, they probably wanted a rest. I don't want to defend them here, but I understand them“- I confess.

Rumors about the atmosphere surrounding the team and the event itself could be put to rest by Piotr Żyła, who spread them online. Meaningful Photo.

Piotr Żyła after the competition in a calm lake. “I accept”. video/Press materials/Press materials

Piotr Żyła together with Maciej Kot and Aleksander Zniszczoł. Doubts dispelled

After the last competition in Oslo Piotr Sela He stressed that he was satisfied with his recent attempts, which he considered better than Lahti's. “On Sunday he was 19th, on Saturday he was 12th. “It was interesting, you could say it was nice. Just like yesterday, one jump was better, the other was worse, just in reverse order. I am satisfied. These jumps he said in front of the Eurosport camera: “They were better than the ones I made in Lahti.”

Then, he posted on social media Photo with Maciej Kot and Aleksander Znieszczol On both sides of it. Thus sending a clear signal about the relationships within the team. There seem to be no tensions, players support each other and keep their fingers crossed. “Photo with the guys. Angry guys,” Sheila captioned the photo.

Now Thomas Thurnbichler's players are preparing for the next competition in the series Raw air 2024. After Oslo, it's time for Trondheim (individual competitions: March 12-13, 4:00 p.m.), then on to Vikersund (March 16, 4:00 p.m. – individual competition, March 17, 3:30 p.m. – three-person individual Contest chains). And then only the end of the season in Planica (March 22-24). Online text reports of all competitions in Sports interiors.

Piotr Sela/Kazuhiro Noji

From left: Aleksandar Znieszczul, Kamil Stoč, and Piotr Szczyla/Gore Makovic

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