An Evening of Science with Dr. Kawicki: Hire a Polish genius mask

This is respect for the country. I hope everyone can recognize their origins in this way. The boy is 22 years old. He worked with NASA, Apple and Snapchat. Musk commissioned him to develop an application for SpaceX. His father is American. Polish mother. born in the USA. However, he went to Polish school. His parents made sure he spoke Polish. He fell in love with Poland.

In its activities it is inspired by our folklore, our mood and the work of Polish wordsmiths. His mother told him, “The world belongs to the brave, and he has stuck to that rule all his life.” Every young Polish man who decides to leave the country should see this. Everyone who is not proud to be Polish, for whatever reason, should see this. We visited the United States of America for this young man. Because of his vision for our country, he was awarded the title of “Distinguished Pole” at the Polish Consulate in Los Angeles.

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Mourning at Buckingham Palace. Prince William and Kate Middleton issued a statement

Rylan Daniels – Pozniak

He's 22 years old and, without a doubt, he's changing the world. He calls himself a Pole. Being a young man, Rylan Daniels-Pozniak is one of the first people on Earth to create systems and applications for Apple Vision Pro. Led the team in NASA Creating the first ever private VR interface for astronauts to use while walking on the moon. The suit will check their vital signs. Simply put, he got involved in creating a space suit when he was 22 years old. This enabled him to cooperate with SpaceX. Elon Musk I tasked him with creating an app that would show people what it's like to be an astronaut at SpaceX. When he was 17, he was invited by SnapChat to create one of the first virtual reality filters. He created it. To date, it has been used tens of millions of times. Stanford University invited him to create one of the first interactive educational tools. He was invited to digitally create music for the Disney Concert Hall of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, being the youngest composer ever. One of the best philharmonic orchestras in the world! He won the Time magazine's youngest correspondent competition. Two weeks ago, his accomplishments put him on the cover of USC's flagship newspaper, the Daily Trojan. Learn from Shigeru Miyamoto Creators of the famous Mario game. In 2019, Rylan collaborated with… Alex McDowellem, the set designer for Spielberg's Minority Report, about creating an augmented reality visualization of a floating city. At the age of 20, he was recognized as one of the best young programmers in the USA. The studio responsible for creating one of the most famous games in the world, Pokémon Go, has created a documentary about it. He loves Poland. He says that in everything he creates he is inspired by Lem, Sapkowski and Polish folklore. Exactly one year ago, he received the “Outstanding Pole” statuette from the Polish promotional logo organization “Teraz Polska”.

“Artificial Intelligence will save the world”

Thank you Connectis for supporting me and allowing me to travel to the US to Apple headquarters to speak with Rylan. This meeting was one of the most touching adventures for me. I hope it's yours now. Watch our conversation. Raylan told me that AI will save the world, not destroy it. It showed me a completely different side of AI and VR. He believes that these tools will ultimately help us return to our humanity, because they enhance and expand human cognition. He believes that the technologies he creates make people matter. He is a boy full of compassion, respect and great humility. After the interview, I took him to his small and modest rented room. A conversation I consider private. Teaches humility. Raylan, thank you so much for everything.

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