Cosmos.  An asteroid was discovered two hours before it entered the Earth's atmosphere

A galactic astronomer discovered a small asteroid on March 11th. Less than two hours later, the object entered the Earth’s atmosphere near Iceland. This is the fifth discovery of an asteroid that has since entered our planet’s atmosphere.

A three-meter asteroid named 2022 EB5 entered Earth’s atmosphere in northern Iceland near the island of Jan Mayen on March 11 at 22:22.

Earlier, around the same day, the object was spotted by astronomer Krisztián Sárneczky from the Piszkéstető Observatory in northern Hungary at 20.30. According to estimates, the asteroid was traveling at a speed of about 18.5 kilometers per second.

As astronomer Tony Dunn of San Francisco State University tweeted, this is the fifth asteroid discovered before it entered Earth’s atmosphere. The others are: 2012 AA, 2018 LA, 2002 TC3, 2019 MO (the first part of the name informs the year this event occurred). The International Meteor Organization also reported this on its website.

Burned up in Earth’s atmosphere

The organization is looking for people who may have seen a meteor, a glowing trace formed as a result of an asteroid flying through the atmosphere. Several people in Iceland have reported seeing a bright flash in the sky.

The so-called fireball is created when a cosmic object of this type burns due to high temperature. If the body did not burn out completely, and fragments fell on the surface of the planet, then we can talk about a meteorite. In this case, this was not the case. The asteroid did not survive the encounter with the Earth’s atmosphere.

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