Why do you go to the cinema?  “Buddha. Child 98”, “Memory”, “Something in the Water”, “Norwegian Dream”

Documentary film directed by Christian Kuczkowski – The creators involved in the strike “Anya”, watched by more than 600,000 viewers in cinemas, is an exciting and driving journey through life's difficulties, achievements and activities of one of the most famous Polish influencers – Kamil Labuda, known online as Buddha. This film is about how to create effectively on the Internet, how to make money on social media and what are the hidden sums in this industry. In it, the Buddha will reveal what was unknown behind the scenes of his activities. He will talk about the pros and cons of online activity. It will reveal what mistakes should not be made and what should be avoided.

If you know Buddha – experience his story on the big screen and see what's not on YouTube. Learn what the “mindset” of Internet creators looks like, what laws govern this industry and what opportunities it offers. If you don't know, be sure to learn about the national phenomenon of an ordinary boy who, along with his fans, did completely extraordinary things!

Each of his Instagram and YouTube accounts is followed by more than 2 million people. Very widespread lifestyle and driving gameplay has led to registrations in dozens of countries around the world. The team searched for the best shots, among others: in Chernobyl, as well as in the United States, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Buddha. Kid '98” It's a hugely inspiring, universal story about the strength of character and determination to make dreams come true, but it's also about the enormous potential of the YouTube industry and the opportunities hidden there.

“When evil is born” It is one of the most interesting horror films about possession that has appeared on our screens in recent years. The residents of a small settlement discover that evil will soon arise among them. Terrified, they try to escape, and begin a desperate battle against time. However, it will quickly become clear that they will have to face a real nightmare. No amount of prayer will help them. This is the plot of the film directed and written by the award-winning actor Demian Rognawhich produced productions such as, among others, “Creatures of the Night”, “Malditos Shun” or “The Last Gate”.

hero “Norwegian dream”a Polish-Norwegian co-production directed by Leva devoldais nineteen-year-old Robert (played by… Hubert Milkowski). The boy decides to go to Norway to pay off his family's debts. There he lives a typical life for an economic immigrant. He spends most of his day working in a salmon processing plant, and after hours he spends time with other Poles who have come here for exactly the same purpose. There she also meets Ivar. In order not to lose his position in the group and not be treated as an outcast, Robert tries to hide his infatuation with his friend. When a factory workers' strike breaks out, the young hero faces a dangerous dilemma – save his family and thus become a strikebreaker, or join Ivar and protest?

“memory” – A new film from one of the most interesting contemporary directors Michela FrancoIt depicts two characters who, in search of love and understanding, must confront the demons of the past and illness. The Oscar winner plays the lead roles Jessica Chastain And winner of the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival – Peter Sarsgaard.

Sylvia is a social worker, and lives a simple, organized life – her daughter, her work, and AA meetings. The situation changes when she returns from her high school reunion and Saul follows her. An unexpected meeting will have a profound impact on both of them, opening the door to the past.

Meg (Haftoo Qassem), the main character of the film, suffers trauma after a dramatic event from her past. “Something in the water”He wonders for a long time whether he will participate in his girlfriend Lizzie's (Lauren Lyle) exclusive wedding organized in heaven. However, he eventually arrives in the Caribbean with Cam (Nicole Reiko Setsuko), Ruth (Eloise Shakespeare Hart), and his missing girlfriend Kayla (Natalie Mitsune) as his companions. When the women decide to go on a boat trip alone, they have no idea that the perfect trip will turn into a fierce battle for survival. Soon they are left alone and drifting in the open sea, and will have to fight not only due to extreme exhaustion, but also against deadly shark attacks. Do they have any chance against predators that nature has turned into veritable killing machines?

The documentary “Mission”, produced by National Geographic, tells the story of a young American Protestant missionary – John Chau – who was killed in November 2018 by residents of North Sentinel Island while trying to convert them to Christianity. The film raises the question about the limits of evangelism in the twenty-first century.

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