An entry into the home of Rufus Wainwright, for sale

“The time has come … Jorn and I are selling our beautiful home in Laurel Canyon,” announced the musician, who spent his childhood in Montreal and has lived in this Los Angeles property since 2016.

He mentions that he composed the album there Don't follow the rulesContains one of his favorite titles, Quiet afternoon. Not following the rules seems to be the philosophy behind the design of this curious Norman-style house from 1926.

Each room displays a specific atmosphere with pianos, animal skins, modern or antique furniture, bright colors and unusual arrangements. Everything seems very busy, but by looking at the personal life of the artist, we can take time to notice many disturbing elements of his living environment.

The description on the real estate agency's website is very general; However, it has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a floor area of ​​5,299 sq ft (approx 492 sq m) with a living area of ​​2,119 sq ft (approx 197 sq m), according to the detail sheet. Starting price: US$2,200,000 or almost $3 million CAD.

Rufus Wainwright mentions that he plans to move into a new neighborhood in Los Angeles with his family.

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