The Poles started a battle on board.  The plane had to make an emergency landing

An Irish airline plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Portugal. The reason was the aggressive behavior of the Poles

Passengers on the plane flying from Luton to Lanzarota experienced moments of terror. The plane had to be blown off course by an aggressive group of drunk men. It turned out that the adventurers had Polish passports. The intervening police officers had to use a restraining arrest on one of them.

A Ryanair plane took off from an airport in Great Britain at eight in the morning. According to the schedule, it was supposed to land after 12:15 in Lanzarote, Spain. However, an accident occurred in the air, and the pilots decided to land in Vado, Portugal.

The police revealed that eight people – Poles – participated in the quarrel. “men They were disturbing the system and shoutingrepeatedly banged on the luggage compartment doors, too They drank alcoholic beverages She ignored crew orders,” according to the services report.

Shortly after the plane landed, officers intervened and ordered the plane to leave. Seven drunken Poles immediately agreed to cut short their journey.

However, one of them refused to surrender to police procedures and fell to the ground. The electrode was then placed in a restraining hold and removed from the machine.

Kotb was ejected from the plane. Cheers and applause on board

“Behaving hostile and aggressive The passenger was arrested on charges of disobedience and resistance“- the police said in a statement.

Watch: Airplane passenger stuck in the toilet. He spent nearly two hours there

Online recordings show passengers cheering on officers, They cheer and clap next to the man's faceHe's clearly happy to be off the plane.

According to what was reported by Agence France-Presse – according to Agence France-Presse – The arrested Pole also has a British passport.

The Daily Mail reports that last month three Ryanair flights from the UK to Faro were diverted “for various reasons”.

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