Bad news for Vladimir Putin.  China has overtaken Russia

Until recently, Russia was the undisputed leader in trade with the five post-Soviet countries of Central Asia; However, China has now surpassed it – according to an analysis by the Eurasianet portal.

W Kazakhstan In the first quarter of 2024, the value of trade with China reached $6.3 billion, or 20%. This country’s foreign trade increased by 6% compared to the same period last year. These are data from the Kazakh side. The Chinese reported – and the portal’s analysts believe the data Beijing They are considered more reliable than the Astana talks – the volume of trade between China and Kazakhstan in the first quarter of this year amounted to 9.5 billion US dollars, while between Astana and Moscow it was 5.6 billion US dollars, a decrease of 9%. every year.

The situation cannot be saved by an order… Russia The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), which the Kremlin intended as a response to free trade in the EU, and Moscow intended to use as a tool to maintain its position in the region. In the first quarter, Kazakhstan’s sales with the Eurasian Union decreased by 12%. Compared to the same period last year.

Trade in Asia. China has overtaken Russia

Trade turnover Flights between Kyrgyzstan and China increased by 25% in the first quarter. Compared to the same period last year, it amounted to 4.185 billion US dollars. Although the disparity is stark – Kyrgyzstan exported goods worth US$22 million to China, and by contrast this amounted to US$4.163 billion, the value of trade with Russia was only US$611.5 million, and with the entire Eurasian Economic Union bloc – 868.4 million US dollars.

In the case of Uzbekistan, the Eurasia Portal cited data on foreign investments in the country from January to March 2024. This data shows that China is ahead of other countries, as it is responsible for 23%. All foreign investments. Russia ranks second in this index with only 13.8%, and Turkey is third with 8.5%. Just two years ago, Russia was at the top in these statistics, advancing by 4%. China.

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In Turkmenistan, the volume of trade with China in the period from January to March 2024 amounted to 2.598 billion US dollars, of which – interestingly – most of it, about 90%. Export of Turkmen goods to ChinaMainly gas.

By comparison, the Russian ambassador in Ashgabat said, in mid-March 2024, that “Russia is one of Turkmenistan’s main trading partners with annual trade volume exceeding $1.6 billion.” This means, as Eurasia notes, that trade between Turkmenistan and Russia amounted to $1 billion less in all of 2023 than Ashgabat traded with Beijing in just one quarter of 2024.

Trade in Asia. Changes after the Russian invasion of Ukraine

when it comes to TajikistanData published by state institutions in Dushanbe and Beijing are mixed. The Tajiks claim that China is their second trading partner – after Russia -, while the Chinese claim that it is their first, and data on the value of trade differs twice.

Eurasia Portal quotes the opinion of an expert on Russia and China affairs, Professor. Emil Avladani, reported by the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, explains Middle Asia It has gained strategic importance for China After the Russian invasion of UkraineAfter the logistical crisis in the Red Sea due to the war in the Middle East. Avladani believes that the flow of Chinese investments to the countries of the region, especially to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, may allow the countries of the region to move away from Russia and enhance their energy security.


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