Another success for Sławomir Sierakowski.  The Turks will deliver the drone to the Ukrainians for free

Onet’s publicist posted on his Facebook account a message he had received from the Turkish company Baykar, which produces drones. The company’s management congratulates Sierakowski for organizing the fundraising campaign and announces that she wants to be part of the solidarity of the Poles.

“In the face of your campaign, we will hand over the Bayraktar TB2 drone to the Ukrainians for free, so that they can defend their homeland in the best possible way. The campaign succeeded in saving the lives of innocent Ukrainians in such difficult times. We pray that it ends as soon as possible,” the board of directors wrote Baykar.

In his intervention, Sławomir Sierakowski noted that the effect of the joint efforts was doubled because Baykar officially announced that the UAV for Ukraine would be delivered to Ukraine without raising any funds, that is, 22.5 million PLN were collected. He added that in agreement with the Ukrainian and Turkish sides, it will be possible to allocate the collected funds for humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian community suffering from a horrific victim.

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