An examination company accused of falsifying vaccination certificates

On Monday evening, the Ministry of Health banned the website from carrying out any testing activity, and also cut it off from the system that allows the issuance of healthy corridors. More than 100 websites have been closed.

The company regrets the “radical” decision of the ministry and believes that the allegations are unfounded. “My company does not issue fake vaccination certificates,” Rasmus Emelkamp, ​​founder of, told NOS.

According to the portal, several people have been arrested and the case is under police investigation. “We are striving to prevent as many dishonest vaccination certificates as possible,” a Department of Health spokesperson told reporters on Tuesday.

The epidemiological situation in the Netherlands

On Monday, 19,274 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, with more than 7.5 thousand. more than last week. The growing number of infections prompted the capital’s authorities to cancel this year’s New Year’s Eve party on Museum Square.

There are currently 1,985 patients with Covid-19 in hospitals, reports the National Center for Coordination of Patient Distribution Coordination (LCPS). There are already 380 people in intensive care units.

The mayor of Amsterdam told reporters on Monday that the city is resigning from organizing a New Year’s Eve party at Museum Square and fireworks displays in neighborhoods of the capital on New Year’s Day.

“It would be irresponsible to invest in these events when the outlook is so bleak,” Fimki Halsema said.

According to the Dutch news agency (ANP), more than 2.2 million cases of coronavirus have been reported in the Netherlands since February last year. 18,700 people have died from Covid-19.

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