February 1, 2023


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YouTube will soon be banned in Russia

The press service of Concord, Prigozhin’s company, published a statement on Wednesday in which the oligarch argues that one of the reasons why video hosting is not banned on the territory of the Russian Federation is the position of “many people” in the presidency. Administration who count on Russia’s defeat in the war with Ukraine.

Will Russia shut down YouTube?

Opponents of closing YouTube, Prigozhin calls “traitors who rest abroad and support the West in every possible way.” Instead, he praises those who support blocking the site, calling them “simple Russians”.

The second reason YouTube has not yet been banned in Russia, according to Prigozhin, is the “absolutely ridiculous notion” that there is no alternative to it. According to the oligarch, this is not at all the case, this is evidenced by the fact that such Russian social networking sites as VKontakte and Odnoklassniki are suitable for storing a large number of videos.

Prigozhin: They will suffer the punishment they deserve

Prigozhin sharply criticized those who “pretend to participate, but in fact interfere with us in the special operation (this is how Russian propaganda calls the invasion of Ukraine – ed.). To Dubai to play golf. He announced that “YouTube will soon be banned, and whoever uses it will be punished.”

Founder The Wagner Group is fighting in Ukraine Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov asked in early December to investigate the activities of YouTube. According to Prigozhin, the platform allegedly disseminates “incorrect socially relevant information under the guise of reliable messages” as well as information “intended to discredit the exercise of its powers by state authorities in the Russian Federation”.

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