"One two three, long live Algeria" which is annoying in France

International success hasn’t made Choolking forget the Algeria where he was born and raised, but it is Annoys part of its public in France.

The rapper was very attached to his Algerian origins and never missed an opportunity to silence him.

A prizewinner at the NRJ Music Awards, he gave Algeria a nod that didn’t go unnoticed.

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It was Friday evening at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, in the south of France. The popular rapper was nominated in the “Recovery/Adaptation” category of the NRJ Music Awards, one of France’s most prestigious music competitions.

It was not a foregone conclusion for the Algerian as the big names were also in the competition. Choolking was declared the winner, facing off against David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Soins of Legend or Boris Vays.

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“One two three, long live Algeria”

As he took to the stage to receive the prize, he did not fail to pay tribute to his country by chanting “One, two, three, Viva l’Algerie”, the famous chant of Algerian football supporters. The ceremony was broadcast on TF1.

The rapper’s gesture immediately ignited social networks. On Twitter, reactions have been mixed, with approval and unanimous thanks from Algerians and despite some French accusing him of hiding the country where he was able to show his talent.

Oh Soulking, it’s not just the Algerian man “Reminds him of a user.

Confronted by Nicki Minaj, Zoelking eventually said she was one two three viva l’Algerie. What a joke shouts another.

Zolqing, long live Algeria, is normal and nobody says anything “,” Ah, the artist who quoted “Make dough in France and live Algeria.” “, we still read on Twitter. Some comments border on racism and emanate from the same sphere that Algeria does not support what is being quoted. “You’re in France, man! ” says the French woman.

The rapper’s fans were also there to respond to his detractors. “ Where is the problem? He has an army of fans who support him wholeheartedly. “, we read in a tweet.

Sulking and one two three Viva Algeria, Sweat FN ” writes a surfer named Ness, referring to the party behind the attack on the singer. ” Thanks is also the most frequent message.

Born in Algiers in 1989, Zulking went by his real name, Abderraouf Teradji. She moved to France in 2008, where she tried her hand at dancing, without success. He returned to Algeria where he began his career as a rapper before settling for a second time in France in 2014. Today he is the most listened to rapper on Youtube in Europe.

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