“WWE and I outdid each other”

Adam Copeland has made his desire to join AEW clear following his debut this Sunday at AEW WrestleDream.

We don’t call him Edge anymore. Adam Copeland made his debut after the main event of WrestleDream, where Christian Cage retained his TNT Championship, when Nick Wayne began a heel turn, attacking Darby Allen and Sting, who came to his aid. Copeland thus came to save the faces of his former tag team partner in WWE. From the beginning The wrestler wanted to explain And clear up a few points, especially his choice to promote Tony Khan after more than 20 years in WWE.

As some of you know, I am no longer with WWE. My new home is AEW. I am excited. » Adam Copeland confirmed. “A new roster. Some familiar faces and early matches that I wanted to work with again. New challenges and if you’ve followed my career, you know that’s what always motivates me.

Adam Copeland explains in his tweet why he did not renew his contract with WWE at the end of the contract that expires this Saturday.

“First, I want to talk about my 25 years with WWE. I love WWE and appreciate everything it has done for me. It will always be like that. They made me known, gave me extraordinary opportunities and thanks to hard work on both sides, I was given a wonderful career. WWE allowed me to meet the woman I would start my family with. » says the 49-year-old wrestler. “Sometimes relationships fall apart and WWE and I feel like we’ve outgrown each other. I wanted to do more. They didn’t have much to offer me. It’s as simple as that. And that’s okay. I’ll continue to see and support all my friends in WWE.”

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« I do not subscribe to this peculiar mentality of one company or another. »

But most of all, Edge is addressing a few fans who felt “betrayed” by WWE’s move to AEW. There was a lot of reaction on social media and it seems very bad to see a talent who has worked in WWE for a long time go to the tournament. “I don’t subscribe to this weird mentality of one company or another. Weird. If you’re offended by this, walk away, get some fresh air, enjoy some sunshine. This is wrestling. An unusual scene. But it’s still wrestling. Relax. It’s supposed to be fun. »

“In the industry, we all know that more choice benefits everyone and pushes us to improve. » Copeland continues. “As a wrestling fan, which I still am, it’s exciting to see potential businesses that bring wrestling to national and global platforms. If you’re really into wrestling, not abstractions, you should be happy too. »

The point I’m trying to make is that if you enjoy my work, you can do it regardless of initials. Because I keep pushing myself every time I’m in the ring. This journey is not over yet. Try to have as much fun as you want. Because trust me, every time I’m in the AEW ring I have fun.

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