Joe Biden defends the Palestinians.  “Hamas is pure evil”

It is my priority to urgently address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Biden said: We cannot forget the fact that the vast majority of Palestinians have nothing to do with Hamas or these horrific attacks, and they are also suffering as a result of them, referring to the situation in Israel during a speech he gave in Philadelphia about investments in Palestine. Hydrogen infrastructure.

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Biden said that US administration officials are holding talks with the authorities of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the United Nations to help civilians in Gaza.

The president once again described Hamas as “pure evil” and said that “these guys make Al Qaeda look innocent.”

The politician also stated that he had a conversation via Zoom for more than an hour with the families of 14 American citizens considered missing. “I gave them my personal commitment that I will do everything in my power to return all missing Americans to their families,” he said.

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