All Iggy Pop movie roles.  A journey through 5 decades of cinema

He first appeared on the screen, or rather, not he, but his voice, already in 1983, in the fantasy animated production “Rock and Rule”. The distinctive bell also helped him in other voice roles: “American Dad”, “Persepolis”, “Arthur and the Minimoys 3. Two Worlds” or “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”. However, in these roles he was not seen, and as a full-fledged actor he appeared on the silver screen several times. As himself, he appeared already in 1970, in a concert documentary of the Cincinnati Pop Festival – Midsummer Rock.

Most often, Bob played supporting roles: drunkards, homeless people, radio DJs, and in the movie “The Dead Don’t Die” he played a coffee-drinking zombie. why not? Especially since he starred in the really popular “Coffee and Cigarettes” scene, also from Jim Jarmusch, where he talks about life with Tom Waits. This is one of the most rock and roll dialogues in cinema history.

The third film by this director, where Iggy appeared, is “Dead Man”, but there only in an episodic role. However, anyone who thinks that Bob can only play wasters and rebels and, in general, is really himself, is mistaken. In 2012, he appeared in the French production “L’étoile du jour” and there he played the embodiment of the conscience of one of the characters. Iggy has already made records in French, so why not act in French movies too?

Well, we’ve already covered niche, flagship, and even European cinema. Iggy’s filmography also includes roles in films that today’s most ardent fans of campy classics, Stranger Things, hits from under the table VHS rentals or B-movies are watching today. Remember the wonderful comic “The Crow”? Well, this movie had several very “medium” sequels, and in one of them, namely the second part, Eiji appeared as the antagonist of the main character. It must be admitted that many actors would envy him for this madness in his eyes.

Also not to be missed is the wonderful “Devices” with his participation – this is a classic post-apocalyptic dark online game that also features Carl McCoy from Fields of the Nephilim and Lemmy from Motorhead. Listing and describing in detail all the roles of a rock star is the subject of a great book, at the same time we strongly encourage you to research and review Movie Lists with his participation. From 1970 to 2019 almost 50 years on screen. These achievements can only be envied.

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