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It needs no introduction to fans of a good thriller. Jason Statham is a great action star. The player was shown the crime story “Blitz” in which a British actor plays the main role. This is an opportunity to remember other cult productions with his participation.

On the list of “Top 10 Movies with Jason Statham” on Rotten Tomatoes, “The English Job,” “Fast and Furious 7,” and the spy comedy “The Agent,” in which the actor proved that he also has talent, topped the podium. Great for entertaining viewers. But tough guy roles are the ones he does best. 56-year-old Statham is famous for his amazing physique: in his youth he practiced diving and martial arts, and today he trains intensely every day and follows a healthy diet so that he can show off his sexy skills and muscles on set. .

Five movies starring Jason Statham that are worth watching on Player

The film is based on the political thriller novel by Ken Bruyne of the same title. Statham plays Tom Brant, a London police detective who, along with his partner, tracks down a police killer named Blitz. There is a race against time, and the psychopath’s next victim has already been chosen. While Brant is combing the streets of London, the fame-hungry killer calls a journalist from The Post and tells him the details of his crimes. “attack” It is darkly atmospheric and devoid of the typical fireworks of flashy action cinema. It’s more of a crime story that critics have compared to a modern version of “Dirty Harry.”

The film is based on true events and shows the behind-the-scenes of the legendary London bank robbery on Baker Street in 1971. Legendary because to this day no arrests have been made in this case, and not a penny of the millions of pounds stolen from several hundred safe deposit boxes has been recovered. . Interestingly, none of the bank’s customers reported what they lost as a result of the robbery to the police. in “English work” Statham plays Terry, who is hired to organize a robbery. He brings together friends who, although they have various useful skills, are still just losers. Opening the safe is like opening the legendary Pandora’s box – thieves attract not only the police, but also gangsters and intelligence.

“English job” Press materials

“Angry man”

Guy Ritchie’s latest movies (2021). A California company that transports valuable goods, mostly millions in cash, finds itself in increasing trouble. In recent months, many of its convoys have been attacked, robbed, and the teams protecting it have been killed. Joining the company is Patrick Hale, also known as H – a silent tough guy with an unclear past, played by Statham. Its mission is to enhance the security of convoys and detect perpetrators of attacks. However, it will soon become clear that his true goal is revenge. H discovers that the gang whose members killed his son a few months ago is responsible for the robberies. Soon blood will be flowing in the streets of Los Angeles, because “an eye for an eye” is not enough for H.

“Angry man” It is another film directed by Ritchie and starring Statham. The actor started his career in ‘Porachunki’. Then it was “to cheat“,” the gun “, that is “Great wealth”.

The film, directed and written by Sylvester Stallone, tells the story of a group of mercenaries on a mission to overthrow a dictator from a South American country. Their leader is Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) – the oldest and most experienced of them all. The team also includes Lee Christmas, played by Jason Statham. Suddenly, things turn out to be different from what they expected. continuation “The Expendables” There are movies “Mercenaries 2”, “Mercenaries 3” And “The Expendables 4”, where the mercenary team once again faces a difficult mission.

Stallone appreciates Jason Statham’s potential. “Levon’s Trade” – an action film directed by David Ayer (“Suicide Squad”) and written by Stallone, is scheduled to begin filming in London in March 2024. Statham will play Levon Kidd, a special unit soldier who changes his life for the sake of his daughter. He undertakes construction work.

The theme of the daughter’s life changing also appears in this film. This time Statham plays Phil Brooker, a former drug agent who moves to the District with his daughter. He wants to forget the past. But it’s difficult. He soon discovers that the seemingly peaceful town is being terrorized by a local drug lord. The Broker will have to take up arms again to save not only his family, but also the city. “In self-defense” It is a film in which Statham shows that every strong man has a soft heart.

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