Sean Levy, director of Stranger Things and Deadpool 3, will make Star Wars for Disney.  What do we know?
Disney and LucasFilm don’t seem to learn from mistakes. What is happening recently in the movie part of the Star Wars universe is very similar to the situation eight years ago. As before and now, Disney announces another scene every now and then. Example: Today, Deadline says Shawn Levy will be directing his own movie in the Star Wars universe.

“Star Wars” – what movie shows can we count on

Nothing is ever known about Project Levi. We know that this isn’t the only recently announced project in the Star Wars universe.

Just a few weeks ago we found out that “Ms. Marvel” director Charmaine Obaid-Chinoy will be directing a film based on the screenplay of “Watchmen” creator Damon Lindelof.

There are also plans for “Rogue Squadron” directed by Patty Jenkins. This movie, however, is slipping really hard. In September, Disney removed it from the premiere calendar (it was scheduled to hit theaters in December 2023).

In 2023, another movie from the Star Wars universe may be released in theaters – the one directed by Taika Waititi. Or so it was said in May.

And these are not all plans that have been spotted on the Internet. However, the question remains whether they will end up like The Josh Trank Project (Undo) or the Rian Johnson Trilogy (although the LucasFilm chief keeps saying that sooner or later the director will make a movie set in the Star Wars universe).

Sean Levy’s Star Wars isn’t that fast

Anyway, don’t expect a quick Shawn Levy movie trailer. He’s a very busy filmmaker, and he has no chance of joining the “Star Wars” cast any time soon.

Levi’s most important project at the moment is, of course, the comic book show “Deadpool 3”. This is the movie in which Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine.

Levi is also expected to direct two episodes of the final season of Stranger Things (which he has been associated with since the beginning). Disney also reportedly spoke to him about filming “Free Guy 2”.

Introduction to the movie “Star Wars: Skywalker. Rebirth”

The latest movie scene in the Star Wars universe is “Star Wars: Skywalker. Rebirth” from 2019. You can find the trailer below:

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