Aliaksandr Lukashenko refers to the Poles.  Sle “brotherly warning”

As the Satrap of Minsk declared, state services should be prepared in the near future A number of actions that destabilize his authority. Lukashenko stated that there are allegedly several scenarios created in the West, Assuming the overthrow of the current Belarusian authorities.

-We know all the scenarios of different types of provocations. Carrying out extreme activities With the participation of fighters located in Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. He added that the information was obtained by intelligence and we will announce it as immediately as possible.

See: Belarus. The army will be able to shoot civilians. Lukashenko signed the decree

– Another process, I quote the information verbatim and it is important for Poles. Polish and American intelligence are preparing a large-scale provocation He added that against the civilian population of Poland, they will blame Russia and Belarus.

Unfounded theories. Lukashenko “fraternally warns Poles”

According to the dictator, the Polish authorities had been preparing a political coup in Belarus for a long time. – Warsaw is trying to recruit senior Belarusian officials who can replace “our quiet people.” He said that they (the Poles – editor) realize that they are not able to overthrow Belarus, or implement a scenario of some kind of color revolution or some kind of forced march here to Belarus.

dictator He did not provide evidence for his theories. – They will not be able to carry out an armed invasion. “We are following this process, we see their approach to the leaders in Belarus in the military and civilian spheres,” Lukashenko said.

As he also stated, he “fraternally warns Poles to be careful” because World War II began with provocative actions.

Alexander Lukashenko: One of the NATO countries wants war with Belarus

During the speech, Al-Marzban once again confirmed that he had information from the intelligence services about the planned attempt to start military operations against Belarus. According to Lukashenko, this is the plan of “one of the leading countries in NATO.”

They want to drag us into this war by hook or by crook. We have confidential information in our hands. We know exactly what the Chief of the General Staff of one of the leading NATO member states thinks about this (…) Poles shout: “The war in Ukraine gives an opportunity to change the Belarusian regime.” They say this to our refugees. He said this is a quote.

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According to the Belarusian dictator, the Polish authorities want war because of their territorial ambitions.

– I've already said it, but I'll say it again. In Europe, they believe that as a result of this war, there will be territorial changes. Poland has rights to part of modern BelarusDemocratic Belarus should receive part of the territory of defeated Russia as compensation. This is the whole strategy (…) This is their strategy, Inflicting a global defeat on Belarus and Russia and then taking control of the regions – He finished.

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