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After Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the European Union banned Russian aircraft from flying over its territory. Now individual states are trying to close their borders to citizens of the Russian Federation. In the context of the mobilization announced on Wednesday, September 21, Russians of conscription age are trying to leave the country at any cost.

FlightRadar24 reports that international flights from Russia are very popular. However, travelers’ options are very limited. Most European countries do not accept aircraft from the Russian Federation.

Turkey is by far the most popular destination (or transit point). Of the more than 75 thousand international flights from Russia in 2022, the rate is up to 25 percent. Happened in Turkey – we read on FlightRadar24.

Where do the Russians fly? No big surprise

The chart published by the site shows that the following places are occupied by: Uzbekistan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and the United Arab Emirates. Russians are also leaving or leaving for Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Egypt, China, Germany, Serbia and Israel this year.

Turkey has long been a popular travel destination for Russia, but the decline in options has led to increased interest in the destination. The largest number of flights were recorded to Antalya, as Ian Pechenek of FlightRadar24 describes.

It turns out that flights from the Russian Federation are mainly operated by Turkish Airlines. At the height of the holiday season, airlines operated more than 300 connections from Russia per week. Russian Azure Air handles 100 similar flights per week.

Foreign machinery is subject to penalties. The Russians should use their own planes

Most of the aircraft leased from foreign companies by Russian airlines have been subjected to international sanctions due to the invasion of Ukraine. This means that the Russians have no choice but to use local structures. Suchoj Superjet 100 aircraft are very popular.

In early 2022, before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, between 4 and 29 Superjet aircraft per week were leaving Moscow for other countries. Since the outbreak of the war, that number has risen to an average of 100 per week. In the first week of last July, this number reached 242 machines. Russian airlines have also recently increased the number of flights from Sochi, Mineral Waters and Yekaterinburg.

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