Aleksandra Adamska of "Skazana" described what women's prisons in Poland look like

Alexandra Adamska She recently appeared on the screens thanks to the famous role in the series “Skazana”, which tells the story of Elijah Mazur (Agata Colisa), a strict judge who ends up behind bars for manslaughter. In “Skazana”, Adamska plays one of his fellow prisoners. On Tuesday, viewers can watch an episode of the show Kuba Wojewódzki with her participation. At the beginning of her conversation with the journalist, she denied having an account on Tinder, a popular dating app. Then She holds her nose and farts, “like everyone else.”.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Aleksandra Adamska (“Skazana”) described what women’s prisons look like in Poland

Alexandra Adamska also admitted that she is very satisfied with the profession she pursues. She said bluntly:

Kuba Wojewódzki returned to the topic of the series and asked how Agata Kulesza evaluated her work on the set. Alexandra Adamska bragged that she received many warm words from the actress. She remembers what she heard from her friend of the “convicts,” and she said:

During the conversation, there was also a thread of the situation in Polish arrests. Alexandra Adamska reveals what Poland’s women’s prisons look like. She confirmed that during the filming of the movie “The Convicts”, she got to know the prison environment. She said:

Photo: x-news

Alexandra Adamska in Kuba Wojewódzki

The second guest on Kuba Wojewódzki was Robert Makovich. A well-known culinary expert mentioned an interview with Karol WojtylaWhen the Pope is not yet John Paul II, besides describing it Jaroslav Kaczynski As a “combination of pierogi and ham chops,” he finally addressed the Poles with an emotional response.

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