“These are not the same Jedi.” The Acolyte trailer explains why it deconstructs George Lucas’ concept and “criticizes” the Jedi Order.

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July 8, 2024 at 1:49 PM

Star Wars: Acolyte evokes strong emotions in viewers, and one interesting topic is the way the Jedi are portrayed. Leslye Headland, the creator of the Disney series, decided to explain how she views her series.

Image source: Assistant, Leslye Headland, Disney, 2024


assistantThe latest series in the universe star WarsIt evokes strong emotions among viewers and a large group of fans. star Wars I didn’t like the production some audiences feel that way Even the title criticizes the Jedi.Leslye Headland, the series’ director, in a new interview with Al Bawaba Shocker I decided to address this issue.

Let us remember that the series The Jedi are shown to not always be good and crystalline.. assistant It examines the Order’s seemingly controversial practices, such as taking Jedi candidates from their family homes. The production also seems to give voice to characters affected by the Order, such as Qammar.

Creator Acuity She revealed in a recent interviewShe realizes that some may feel that her series is critical of the Jedi..

I realize that fans, especially those unfamiliar with The High Republic, may feel I’m criticizing the Jedi in George Lucas’s works.. […] That’s not what I meant. We’re in the era Obi-Wan spoke of. New hopeWe are in a period of enormous and far-reaching power diffusion. […] You will see how far apart individual Jedi missions are and how lacking supervision is.

However, the model made it clear that Compare Jedi with Acuity With those of Lucas’ productions it is a problem, Because it’s been 100 years and this “They’re not the same Jedi.”

It’s hard to compare these Jedi to the Jedi from the Prequels because 100 years have passed. That’s age. […] It’s not the same prequels. This is not the same as my grandfather.I was interested in the time that You can break the concept of the Jedi, But I do not want to touch on what was established after a hundred years.

So it seems that Leslye Headland’s goal is not so much to criticize as to enable a new perspective. The director herself has revealed her hope for that. The series will allow viewers to see the Jedi from a different perspective..

series assistant It can be found on Disney+.

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