December 8, 2022


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Aleksandar Vukovic cleans up the mess in Legia Warsaw.  Talk to Maher Emreli

Aleksandar Vukovic cleans up the mess in Legia Warsaw. Talk to Maher Emreli

Alexander Vukovic met with Mahir Emreli to talk about his situation in Legia Warsaw. Does Lazarus leave Warsaw in the winter?

After the events of a week ago, when they lost the match with Wisła Płock, fans stormed the Legion bus and beat players, including Emreli, at the club trying to put out several fires at the same time. One of the biggest of these problems is the relationship with injured football players.

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Lukenhas and the Azerbaijani striker were the most affected. The first announced that he intended to stay in Łazienkowska, while the second was more seriously considering his options. Also because of the opinion of the family located in Warsaw and fears the striker’s future in the capital.

Does this mean the winter transition? not nessacary. Alexander Vukovich met Emreli and it was a good step towards a positive end to the case. His “Vuko” style was convincing him that he needed a footballer.

The player himself got a lot of positive energy, but he did not make any announcements about the future. It’s better, but it still takes time and distance. However, there were real hopes that Mahir Emreli, who had taken leave and would not play for Radomiak, would remain at the club until the end of the tournament.

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