Corona Virus.  Many deaths could have been avoided.  Impact of vaccination against covid-19

  • They show that while the wave of COVID-19 incidence has shifted from eastern Poland to western Poland in recent weeks, the death rate in the West – although high – has remained relatively low.
  • If the least vaccinated subregions were vaccinated like the most vaccinated, there would be up to 2,000 people between November 15 and December 12. 680 people less
  • Poles are still not healthy, and the last year of the epidemic has increased the number of deaths from heart disease, mental and neurological diseases and diabetes
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The statistics don’t lie. 2021 will be another year in which Poland will have to contend with the sad data of the excess death toll. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is contributing to an increase in this statistic across Europe. However, unlike 2020, this time Poland has vaccines against COVID-19, which – as research shows – significantly reduce the death rate among those infected.

The tragic data was a phenomenon last year. At that time, the Corona virus caused 23.7% of deaths in the first year of the epidemic. The number of people who died in previous years.

The relationship between the number of vaccinations and excess deaths is evident in the latest data from the Central Statistics Office.

Corona virus in Poland. Still more dead in the east. can be avoided

Extreme Mapping – a profile that studies the statistical relationship, has made an in-depth analysis of the latest data.

They show that while the wave of COVID-19 incidence has shifted from eastern Poland to western Poland in recent weeks, the death rate in the West – although high – has remained relatively low.

Photo: Ministry of Health

The number of injuries per 10,000 residents

On the other hand, the data frankly shows the number of deaths, especially in the east of the country. Between November 15 and December 12, the number of deaths in many areas was more than twice as high as in normal years and was almost equal to last year. Suwałki, Tarnobrzeski, Biaystok, Siedlecki and Tarnowski sub-districts were also on top of excess deaths in the previous weeks.

Extreme mapping compares other lists of subregions, where the number of deaths is still 30-40%. Above average (these are, for example, the Tri-City, Szczecin, Kaliski, Wałbrzyski and Poznań sub-regions), but in previous weeks only 1 to 30% of the share was registered. Mortality is above average.

But the most interesting is the “what if…” category. They showed that if the lowest sub-regions (<65%) as the most vaccinated (more than 80%) were vaccinated, between November 15 and December 12 Up to 2,000 will die, 680 fewer people.

These conclusions were also confirmed by Piotr Tarnowski, who is involved in the statistical study of coronavirus data. “Last week, of the more than 138,000 new infections, more than 61% were unvaccinated people, and of the 2,944 deaths, the proportion of unvaccinated people was more than 73%.” – Delivered:

Corona Virus. European statistics clearly show the relationship

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control released data in November highlighting the link between vaccine-free use and COVID-19 death.

The data clearly shows that the higher the vaccination rate, the lower the death rate. The left side is the percentage of people vaccinated, while the right side is the number of deaths per million population in 14 days.

In our country, 62 percent have been vaccinated. adult population. We had (at the time this statistic was published) 49 deaths per million population in two weeks. This result is quite different for countries with the highest immunization rates.

Extreme mapping shows that such relationships are visible everywhere in the world. It can also be observed in the United States, where “the same number of people have died of COVID in California and Texas since the beginning of this year, with Texas having a much lower vaccination rate and 13 million fewer than California.”

The disastrous health of the Poles. It’s getting worse

In the past year, the most common cause of death in the country, heart disease, has become more frequent, and the number of deaths due to mental and neurological diseases and diabetes has increased. In terms of the number of excess deaths in the decisive moments of the epidemic, only Bulgaria is worse than us.

We are still in one of the last places in European Union classification for the sustainable development of health systems. The Healthcare Systems Sustainable Development Index, prepared by an international panel of experts, uses data collected in 2018 on the FutureProofing Healthcare online platform.

According to the report’s authors, weaknesses in Polish medical care include excessive mortality from cardiovascular disease and cancer, lack of and aging medical staff, as well as underinvestment in the system, low innovation, insufficient knowledge of Poles about health and lack of physical activity.

Excess mortality – what is it?

This is a scale that is used by eg the European Eurostat. It’s a simple measure of the change in the number of deaths that occurred each month compared to a baseline – the average number of deaths in a given month over the past 20 years. The excess mortality rate is expressed as a percentage (percentage) of additional deaths compared to the four-year average.

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