The footballer escaped from Poland and accuses the club.  'FIFA knows the case' football

Mikel Rigaard signed a contract with ŁKS-in At the end of last year, he was arriving to help the team return to the league. The goal was not achieved, and you encountered an unsatisfactory situation Results During the fall round of the current games, an offer was made to the player to settle the contract at the end of 2021. However, the footballer rejected this offer and made a different choice – deciding to terminate the contract due to the club’s fault “- The club handed over on Wednesday to Rygaard.

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The ŁKS player has terminated the contract. “The arrears sometimes amounted to three payments”

Now Rygaard explains the whole thing from his point of view. – The biggest problem was not upgrading to Ekstraklasa. At some point, we footballers noticed that the money didn’t come through, or that it came with a pretty big slip. We talked about it a lot in the dressing room, because it also applies to other players. The arrears sometimes reached three payments, although most often they looked like this: they did not pay for two months, and then transferred one salary – the Dane indicated in an interview with the portal WP Sportowe Fakty.

Breakthrough confession in football. “She tried to protect us. We suffered.”

The footballer was surprised that this is the case with wages in Poland, but colleagues in interviews admitted that sometimes clubs do not pay on time. The weakness is that the activists lied to us. The boss will go into the dressing room and say they will pay this or that day. But the word did not save, the money did not come. Rigaard described that it is not easy for me to talk about it in public, but I cannot imagine that something like this is still possible in European professional football.

“Director Przytuła brought me to the club, and then, for 23 days, could not find a second to speak”

The player was one of the best paid ŁKS players – he earned about 50,000 zlotys. What steps did he take against underpayment? – I sent the club a request for reimbursement. It was October 11th. The regulations state that the club has 14 days to respond. But nothing happened. So I gave them five more days. Nothing again. In the end, after 23 days, I made the decision to terminate the contract, Mikel Reggard explained. The football player reported everything to the Polish Football Association, although it turned out that the matter also reached a higher level. – FIFA He also knows the case – added Dane.

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ŁKS owes Rygaard one salary, but she has yet to settle other issues

At the moment, ŁKS is trailing Rygaard with one salary – as mentioned in the statement. but that is not all. – The club did not pay me the bonus that was previously agreed upon, and I am late in paying the signing fee – the player indicated.

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The Dane was one of the club’s most expensive players, but he did not live up to expectations on the pitch. The 30-year-old attacking midfielder played 31 matches for ŁKS, scoring two goals and scoring three assists. Interestingly enough, the player began to play to his potential towards the end of his appearance at the club. In a 2-2 draw against Lodz derby Widzew He scored a assist, and in the next match against Gornik Pulković he scored a goal equal to 1: 1.

Foot.  Ian Walton/AFP | fan was happy with the goal and had his finger under the fence. Horrific crash

In the first match without Rygaard, ŁKS lost humiliatingly 0:3 to Odra Opole. At the Fortuna I . table leggy They are in ninth place with 22 points from 15 matches.

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