Alan Wake 2 will be "the most beautiful game since Remedy".  The game is set to set the studio bar again

The continuation of the adventures of Alan Wake for many was the most important announcement of the The Game Awards of the year – the creators decided to raise expectations even more, providing fans with high-quality images.

the Attending the continuation of Alan Wake’s adventures at The Game Awards 2021 We can hear it even before the event itself. Reports were covered, of course, in fact, and Alan Wake II Announced with a short video.You can find it here). It effectively woke up those fans who had to make the night of the show.

Although there is still some time for the premiere, we are already receiving assurances that it will indeed be a really great experience. Talk a little about how well the adventures of the most famous writer in the world of video games have continued. Sam Lake, Creative Director of Remedy Entertainment. Praise was spared:

Alan Wake 2 will be the best and most beautiful Remedy ever.

[Gra – przyp. red.] in Northlight. We feel that especially in this type of experience, where atmosphere and design are more important than ever, our knowledge of this engine allows us to focus on certain things and push certain elements forward.

It seems that The game will defeat everything in reality What’s released so far and what’s coming before the premiere of the Alan Wake sequel. The game will debut in 2023 and has the potential to be a “next generation” experience. There is something to wait for.


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