The inconspicuous console sold surprisingly well
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April 19, 2023, 16:42

The Playdate console launched some time ago, and it’s been a huge hit. The device, which is equipped with an extraordinary control system, has sold more than 50,000 units to date. to cut.

A few years ago, Panic announced its own portable console called Playdate, which was very different from the models available in the market at the time. Although the device was significantly different in terms of specifications and capabilities from the competition, it achieved unexpected commercial success. The manufacturer boasted about it Since its launch on the market, the console has sold 53,142 copies.

The inconspicuous console sold surprisingly well - Illustration #1

Source: Panic.

It is worth noting that when applications began to be accepted in mid-2021, the first 20 thousand copies sold out in just 20 minutes. According to the original assumptions, the product was supposed to go on sale in 2021, but when there were problems with the device’s power supply, the manufacturer had to change the supplier, which led to the product’s debut being postponed to 2022.

Gamers love simplicity

Playdate is not a console in the same category as the Steam Deck or even the PS Vita. This is a much smaller device, equipped with a 2.7-inch monochrome backlit display with a resolution of 400 x 240 pixels, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and standard control keys. However, its unique feature is the unusual crank-shaped analog controller used in some titles.

The console also does not support physical media, and games are only available in digital form and are offered periodically. At the moment, the manufacturer has it in its catalog 24 titlesIn addition, users can access more than 400 games that are in the famous database Itch.

The console itself costs $199 and can be ordered from Panic’s website. In addition, the manufacturer has it in view PlayDate Stereo Dock. It is a docking station that, in addition to wireless charging of the mobile device in question, has a built-in Bluetooth stereo speaker. At the moment it is not known when the gadget will be available for sale and how much we will have to pay for it.

The inconspicuous console sold surprisingly well - Illustration #2

Source: Panic.

The inconspicuous console sold surprisingly well - Illustration #3

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