April 1, 2023


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Live: Radomiak - Lech - KKSLECH.com - KKS Lech Poznań

Live: Radomiak – Lech – KKSLECH.com – KKS Lech Poznań

3:00 pm at the Municipal Stadium located at ul Narutowicza 9 in Radom, the start of the 18th round football match PKO Ekstraklasa for the 2021/2022 season, between Radomiak Radom and Lech Pozna. We invite all Kolejorz fans to follow our traditional pre-match report and live from this match, at KKSLECH.com.

voidBefore the match Radomiac – Lech (11/12/2021)

void Radomiak has not lost since September 25 (8 consecutive unbeaten matches, 5 consecutive victories, 3 without conceding a goal).
void 7 games between Lech and Radomiak, 0 defeat, 1 league game in Radom (1984-1:1)
void Lech has not lost since September 24 (11 consecutive unbeaten matches, 8 league matches, 4 consecutive wins, including 3 league matches).
void 4 matches for coach Benasek with Lech (0 wins, 1 draw, 3 defeats, 1 on penalties)
void Thomas Rogne will be seen as part of “An Eye for the Game”

voidLive Report (match)

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void1 – 15 minutes

2 minutes. – Easy start of the game. The game is played in the middle of the field.
4 min – Lech tries to play the ball, Radomiak plays hard and uses high pressure.
6 minutes – There is no shortage of fouls in this match. There are a lot of interesting business from them.
8 minutes – the first corner kick for the Pozna residents, which Czervinsky defeated. In the end, Majchrowicz grabbed the ball.
9 min – Already two bad shots from Bednarek. Grass is not good, but no exaggeration.
10 minutes. Throwing out of the car, Bednarik grabbed Sechuki’s head.
11 min – Ful Pa Loa, Radomiak has a good free kick chance.
13 min – Nascimento hit the wall after a while Radomiak wanted two penalties after handballing the ball.
13 minutes – void And the judge rushes to the video assistant referee. Radomiak will be punished by Karlstrom.

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void16 – 30 minutes

16 minutes – void English scores of 11 meters. 1:0 for radiumac.
18 minutes – void Lech’s tally when losing 0:1 this season: 1-2-1
20 minutes. Wasted 20 minutes. Maybe he wakes up after this goal.
22 min “Ba Lu’s shot is very weak from afar.” At least it was accurate.
23 min – Majchrowicz likely caught Murawski’s effective shot.
23 min – Murawski is lying again. Already for the third time.
24 min – Murawski does not get up after being hit from Kaput’s elbow. The midfielder Radomiak received only a yellow card.
28 min – A very bad Kamiński cross from the right. Throw-in for anyone, for loss and a hand by other players.
30 minutes. – void 2:0 for radiumac. An Englishman worked in the middle of the field, playing for Abramowicz on the left, passed into the penalty area, where Morris closed the match. The hosts admirably patted the Leach.

void31-45 minutes

32 min – Radomiak is still attacking.
34 min – Among the few actions of Lech in this match, there was not even a shot.
34 minutes – void This season, Lech has been losing 0:2 only once. In Czestochowa it ended in a draw.
40 minutes – the next fast action of Radomiak in the middle of the field. In the end, Machado’s cross was withdrawn.
42 min – Czerwiński’s strike is hampered. After a while, an error was called anyway.
45 min – Two throws by Douglas and Cherwinsky did not pose any threat to Magshrewicz’s goal.
45 + 3 min. – Until intermission 0:2. This is the worst Lech game this fall. We don’t play anything the result is due.

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void46-60 minutes

46 minutes – void Skinny for Ba Loua and Kvekveskiri for Murawski.
47 minutes Rogen prevented me from scoring another goal.
51 min – It’s impossible to think of how many losses Lech took today.
53 min – Another penalty? Lech strayed again, Douglas picked up the ball with his hand.
56 min – Kvikviskire hit hard kick from a free kick. The goalkeeper bounced the ball problem.

void61 – 75 minutes

62 minutes – void Ramirez to Karlstrom.
65 min – We still don’t get it right. Let’s get this over with, I don’t think it makes sense.

void76-90 minutes

voidvoidRound 18 of PKO Ekstraklasa 2021/2022, Saturday 11 December, o’clock. 15:00
void The second half is in progress
voidRKS Radomiak Radom – KKS Lech Poznan 2: 0 (2: 0)

voidObjectives: 16. English – K 30. Maurides


voidyellow cards: Moredis, Cabot


voidthe judge: Przebic (Klochsbork)

voidTechnical judge: Throw

voidSide judges: Tooniewski and Wójcik

voidVAR Rulers: He had to do, (cos)

voidRadomiac: Majchrowicz – Yakubik, Rossi, Sechuki, Abramovich – Leandro, Nascimento, Cabot, Machado – English, Maurice.

voidReserves: Kuchalski, Goncalo Silva, Bogoch, Carroot, Thiago Matos, Rowan, Seely, Falcon, Rondon.

voidwhy: Bednarek – Czerwiński, Salamon, Rogne, Douglas – Karlstrom, Murawski (46th Kwekveskiri) – Ba Loua (46th Skóraś), Amaral, Kamiński – Ishak.

voidReserves: Van der Hart, Skrzypczak, Pereira, Kvekveskiri, Marchwiński, Thebes, Ramirez, Schkin, Subic.

voidCaptains: Leandro – Isaac

voidSettings: 1-4-4-2 – 1-4-2-3-1

voidcoaches: Banasik – Skorża

voidEye on the game note: Rogen

voidgrass condition: Medium (uneven degree in places)

voidweather: + 0°C, cloudy

voidPlace: MOSiR Stadium (ul. Gabriela Narutowicza 9, Radom)

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