Apple iPhone 14: three models with LTPO screens at a frequency of 120 Hz.  Offer will include a new Max variantThe presale of the Apple iPhone 13 series of smartphones, which includes the Apple iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models, began last Friday. The devices will go to first customers on market premiere day, September 24. However, this does not preclude discussions about the next year’s streak that is waiting for some changes. While the issue of design, functionality and hardware is a lottery at the moment, the latest leaks give us some data about the supply chain. Thus, we learned about Apple’s possible plans regarding LTPO displays with 120Hz refresh. But that’s not all, as there is a change of wallet regarding the Max and Mini models.

New information about the Apple iPhone 14 series next year has appeared on the Internet, the offer will include a new Max model, while fans will have to say goodbye to the Mini version. However, the issue is not a settled one.

Apple iPhone 14: three models with LTPO screens at a frequency of 120 Hz.  Offer will include a new Max variant [1]

Apple iPhone 12 test – a smartphone that breaks with the past

Some time ago, the alleged technical specifications of the Apple iPhone 14 smartphones appeared on the network, which revealed some changes in the Cupertino company’s deployment plans. The most recent information confirms some of the data contained therein. In addition, we got acquainted with a new supplier of the show. It turns out that the LTPO boards for the Pro and Pro Max models will not be supplied by Samsung, but by LG. Of course, we are talking about components that offer an image refresh rate of 120 Hz. These will appear in three variants of the upcoming smartphone, such as Apple iPhone Pro, Apple iPhone Max and Apple iPhone Pro Max. You may have noticed a formula previously unavailable on Max. This is only a nod to customers who expect bigger screens and don’t need a smartphone in the Pro version.

Apple iPhone 14: three models with LTPO screens at a frequency of 120 Hz.  Offer will include a new Max variant [2]

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max with Face ID at the bottom of the screen. No notch, flat unit and round buttons

Max models will use 6.68-inch LTPO panels with a resolution of 2784 x 1284 pixels. The Apple iPhone 14 and Apple iPhone 14 Pro versions will use 6.06-inch screens. The 2022 lineup will likely lack a Mini-branded smartphone, and the base variant will be fourteen. It makes sense, but noting Apple’s actions so far, I have serious doubts about whether the decision was really a foregone conclusion. This will likely be influenced by interest in the Apple iPhone 13 Mini smartphone. The popularity of the predecessor was not a source of pride for the manufacturer.

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