February 2, 2023


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porządki w mapach google

Google Maps with an exciting novelty – understanding the route will be easier and safer

In the age of free Google Maps, paid navigation software has definitely lost its relevance. Today they are mainly used by professionals with specialized requirements. However, Google Maps is sufficient for most trips and routes, and even it is an ideal solution, among other things, due to traffic information. Today, Americans are expanding the details of maps For basic information in the form of signals and stop signals. look simple? It’s simple, but it undoubtedly simplifies the understanding of the road ahead.

Google Maps introduces new signs – you’ll know if there’s a stop sign or maybe a beacon waiting for you

Some may wonder why these signs are so important? For several reasons. When we see a traffic jam and a stop sign in its prime, we can guess that it won’t run out very quickly. In the case of beacons, this awareness changes. We can also count on more detailed voice notifications, So instead of “turn right for 200 metres,” you might see “turn right at the next traffic light.” These commands are more accurate and do not force us to look at the map. Stop signs are often associated with unsafe intersections. Therefore, even being a good driver, knowing the road and seeing the signs, the extra emphasis on the mandatory return will not hurt.

For dessert, Google offers More details for building plansSo getting to know the terrain should be easier. It is also a point often raised when discussing the merits of competing solutions. All the above news should slowly appear not only on smartphones, but also in Android Auto and CarPlay versions.

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Naturally, one should not expect new signs to appear everywhere and for everyone. First of all, Google traditionally introduces all new products in waves. Secondly, the maps themselves need to be updated, which is not done globally. So, if you haven’t seen the above signs yet, be patient. In this case, it is possible to talk even about the months necessary to enter the information in detail.

Source: Arstechnica, Google