Airplane and helicopter pilot, actor Harrison Ford crashed twice, reveals new unauthorized biography

Famous American actor Harrison Ford is not the scandalous star that makes headlines. Instead, he wants to be smart. But Indiana Jones, Han Solo or who is behind the star?US President's plane ? With 58 films, it is surprising to know that before becoming a star, Harrison Ford wanted to give up everything and become a humble carpenter again.

While many major Hollywood actors know from the start what they want to do with their careers, Harrison Ford's story was quite different, according to a new unauthorized biography.

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His career was made up of successes, but also failures. Although he started his acting career with a modest salary, he became one of the highest-grossing actors in the Hollywood industry, with a net worth of US$300 million. Its legacy includes, among other things, several residences and restaurants.

But it wasn't always like this. For example, he received only 600 US dollars for the shooting of the film. American GraffitiThis was not enough to support his family, forcing him to resume his activities as a carpenter.

From carpenter to superstar

Harrison Ford didn't want to become a movie star.

“I'm not a worker, nothing like that,” the actor often admitted.

Hailing from Chicago, he was born in 1942 in a middle-class family. After college, he studied English literature and philosophy, but his results were disastrous and he never graduated. He decides to take drama lessons. It was then, in 1964, that something clicked: He knew he wanted to be an actor and moved to Hollywood.

But the road will be full of potholes. His first contract with Columbia Pictures earned him $150 a week.

Disheartened, he thinks of giving up acting. It was while working at home that he decided to become a carpenter and learned woodworking by reading books.

After that he would take on other small roles. Fortune would finally smile on him Star Wars And Apocalypse Now. Kumbabhishekam would finally come in the late 1970s and 1980s, when he would be in his early forties.

Plane and helicopter crashed

Outside of film sets, Ford is a huge aviation enthusiast who loves to fly and has an impressive collection of airplanes, but his pilot record is far from perfect.

In the 1960s, he enrolled in a flying course. But the high cost of training made him stop training. It was only in the early 1990s that he rejoined aviation following training in the Cessna 182, then the Cessna 206, two single-engine aircraft. He obtained his private pilot's license in 1996 at the age of 54, and began acquiring vintage airplanes, then began his seaplane and helicopter training.

In 1999, the situation worsened. His helicopter crashed during a training flight with his instructor.

Then, in 2015, he was alone in a collector's plane, a Ryan PT-22, when the engine failed and he crashed on a golf course in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. He suffered multiple head and back injuries, a fractured pelvis and a broken ankle.

And that's not all: In 2017, he accidentally landed on the taxiway of a major airport, risking a collision with a plane.

In 2020, a similar incident happened. After an investigation into the runway incursion and mandatory training, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) cleared him to fly again. At 81, the actor is still active as a pilot.

Besides his helicopter, he also has a fleet of six planes, including a private jet.

Today, Harrison Ford has become a great defender of the environment. Hence, his private jet trips are heavily criticized.

♦ Last year, she returned to her role as Indiana Jones in the fifth installment of the saga, Indiana Jones and the Doomsday Clock.

♦ Received the Palme of Honor Award at Cannes on this occasion.

♦ In 2002, he was honored for his lifetime achievement.

♦ Has received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard since 2003.

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