“Topsy Turvy 2” Review: A Tsunami of Colorful Emotions

Riley (voiced by Ludivine Redding in the Quebec dubbed French version) is now a young woman eager to please her new friends. And new emotions make for a successful visit.

That’s it, Riley is coming of age. That means the five emotions of the first film released in 2015, Joy (voice of Charlotte Le Bon), Sadness (voice of Sonya Vachon), Fear (voice of Xavier Dolan), Anger (voice of Real Bass) and Disgust (voice of Edith Cochrane), have to give up their place. Nervousness (voice of Larian S. Thibodeau) – who has a slight air of Emma Stone at speed – arrives at the command post, accompanied by Envy (voice of Emma Bao Lin), Ennui (voice of Adele Exarchopoulos, perfect with utter indifference ) and Gêne (voice of Paul Walter Hauser in the original version). .

New and original characters from the animated film “Topsy-turvy 2”.


It quickly turns chaotic, with Val (voice of Leah Roy) the main figure concerned, intent on changing Riley’s personality to allow her to join a new group of friends. As the athletic teenager attends a hockey camp, she learns that her best friends Bree (voiced by Sumayya Nooruddin-Green in the original version) and Grace (voiced by Grace Lu) will not attend the same high school. ‘She.

Considered a (simple) way to reduce the psychological upheavals of adolescence, Reverse 2 A burning fire of jokes and winks – a pixelated video game character who can only move in four directions is a little gem, the arrival of Bouchie, taken from the TV show Riley, Kid or Nostalgia. Worth its weight in gold.

Some characters from the animated film “Topsy-turvy 2”.


Despite all his qualities, including rhythm and good humor, Reverse 2 Lacks an appeal or depth the soul (unfortunately overlooked due to epidemics), or A Up there, which celebrated its 15th anniversary. But that’s okay, it doesn’t stop you from having a good time… especially ennui’s French lines!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Reverse 2 Color theaters from June 14.

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