A village in British Columbia was completely destroyed by fire after being hit by extreme temperatures of up to 49 degrees Celsius. Assistance from other provinces, including Quebec, is likely to come soon.

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“The city [de Lytton] The structure was damaged and 90% of the village, including the city center, was set on fire, ”Conservative MP for the region Brad Wise told Facebook on Thursday.

The fire broke out just after 5pm on Wednesday south of the village.

Important surrounding infrastructure such as telephone towers, hydroelectric towers and rail and road facilities have also been affected.

Thompson-Nicola Regional District Executive Director Scott Hildebrand told Global News that a train could be the source of a wildfire and many hypotheses are still being explored.

1,500 evictees

On Wednesday evening, the mayor of Lytton was forced to evacuate the village, with between 250 and 300 people.

In total, nearly 1,500 people from neighboring regions have been ordered to leave their homes in a hurry, most of whom have only a 15-minute notice.

The Canadian Interactive Forest Fire Center has not determined which province will support British Columbia or any other province.

“I can confirm that there are resources in Quebec and we will go as soon as we are gone […] Our colleagues are going to tell us to go, ”said Stephen Caron, co-ordinator of prevention and communications for the Association for the Protection of Forests (SOPFEU).

Canadian Defense Minister Harjeet Sajjan assured on Twitter that the Canadian Armed Forces were “ready to help residents”.

Historic temperature

The village has recorded the hottest temperature in Canada for three days so far.

Lytton recorded temperatures of 49.5 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, 47.5 degrees on Monday and 46.6 degrees on Sunday.

You can see from the air the magnitude of the fire that devastated the almost tiny town of Lytton in British Columbia.

Photo AFP

You can see from the air the magnitude of the fire that devastated the almost tiny town of Lytton in British Columbia.

More than 485 people have died suddenly in the province in a week, which may be related to the heat waves that hit the Western American continent, the peak of the death rate.

As of last night, no deaths or injuries have been confirmed. “The exact cause of these deaths will be known very soon,” the British Columbia Coroner’s Office said.

– With AFP and QMI agency

Never seen

  • 62 Prime Minister John Horgan said there had been new fires in the past 24 hours.
  • Nearby 1500 Those from Lytton and surrounding areas were ordered to leave.
  • The provinces can borrow either firefighters, inspectors or tankers.
  • Lytton recorded overheating 49.5 degrees Celsius, After reaching 47.5 degrees on Monday and 46.6 degrees on Sunday, records in the country.

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