After the Oscars, Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt reunited at the premiere of “The Fall Guy.”

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt never leave each other. The “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” stars attended the world premiere of “The Fall Guy” on Tuesday (March 12) in Austin, Texas. The 43-year-old actor wore a denim shirt and a white T-shirt with a red jacket with the film's title embroidered on it. Eva Mendes took the time to greet her fans like boyfriend Emily Blunt and sign autographs. The latter had opted for a top Crop top With a harlequin pattern, revealing her stomach, and black pants. Both came in a ship Pick up On the red carpet.

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt made a splash on the Oscars stage on March 10. The duo continued their “Barbenheimer” battle with great humor in front of the audience at the 96th festival. “I'm glad to finally put this 'Barbenheimer' competition behind us,” Ryan Gosling chanted, before Emily Blunt responded: “Since it's awards season, I'm inclined to say he has no competition, no competition at all.”

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A beautiful tribute to stuntmen

After congratulating her, Ryan Gosling said: “I understand why we called it 'Barbenheimer' and not 'Oppenberg.' Because you really followed Barbie all summer.” To which Emily Blunt replied: “Thank you so much for having me. Just kensplain That's all “. After the sketch, the actors took advantage of their time in front of the cameras to pay tribute to the profession of stuntmen, the main subject of their new film, in the hope that they will one day receive their own category at the Oscars.

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Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling at the Oscars, 10 March 2024.

Getty Images / © Los Angeles Times

“This is the story of a stuntman who, like all stuntmen, is shot, blown up, crushed, thrown out of windows, and always falls high… to the delight of the audience. After an accident, this anonymous movie hero must find a missing star, foil a conspiracy, and try to win back the woman of his life while enduring death on set every day. What's the worst that could happen to him? ”, we can read on the distributor’s website. David Leitch's film is releasing on the 1stThere is May in French cinemas.

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