Marie-Annique Lepin shared the last photo taken of Carl Tremblay before his death

“March 15, 2024, four months after you left… when I brought you to the hospital on November 14, I never thought I would lose you the next day. Faith was the core of our lives.”

Taken from Marie-Annique Lepine's Facebook post

Ms Lepine paid tribute to her partner Carl Tremblay. He died of prostate cancer four months agoOn his social networks.

“You are on a trip and although we have every intention of returning tomorrow, we miss you so much,” he added in his Facebook post. “PS photo taken at the hospital on November 14, 2023 You were beautiful, peaceful and adorable until the end.”

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Many fans continued to support and pay tribute to the singer in the comments following the post.

On November 28, members of the group and thousands of fans from Quebec and other parts of the province Said their last farewell to their beloved Carl Tremblay, during the National Tribute Ceremony in Montreal. Marie-Annick Lépine, Jean-François Pauzé and Jérôme Dupras spoke, Apart from singing on my shoulder One last time in honor of Carl Tremblay.

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