Elon Musk at an event organized by Meloni’s party!

Businessman and billionaire Elon Musk was welcomed like a “rock star” at a political event organized in Rome by the party of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni – the “Italian Brothers”. Such was his participation on Saturday in the meeting at Castel Sant’Angelo. Italian media rated it, adding that it was a “fantastic show”.

Musk arrived with his son in his arms at a political forum called Atrego. It has been organized since 1998, initially as a celebration of young politicians, and one of its initiators was Giorgia Meloni.

The name comes from the name of one of the characters of The Never Ending Story – a book by Michael Ende, filmed in 1984. As explained by the creators, this young hero embodies commitment in everyday life against the enemy who destroys youth, its energy and ideals.

An invitation to touch

Politicians of all stripes receive invitations to Atrego meetings. Elon Musk got it this year as well.

The South African businessman, who took the stage with one of his 11 children, encouraged Italians to have more of their own and stand up for freedom of belief.

He accused environmental campaigners of spreading fear and “dismissing hope” regarding the climate crisis and “demonizing” oil and gas.

He also touched on topics such as ‘No’ to illegal immigration and opposition to political correctness, censorship and bureaucratic Europe. His statements were met with applause.

Finally, he shouted, “Long live the people!”

Atrego’s guests also included British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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