March 24, 2023


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The cameras didn't show it.  Princess Sophie saved the day - O2

The cameras didn’t show it. Princess Sophie saved the day – O2

September 19 Great Britain, royal family, crowned presidents, presidentsMinisters and dignitaries from around the world accompanied Queen Elizabeth II on her last trip. During subsequent festivities and services at Wesminster Abbey and Windsor Castle, the streets were crowded with servants and tourists.

Millions also sat in front of televisions and broadcasts online. BBC cameras set up at Westminster Abbey, where the coffin was brought at noon, did not capture any close-ups of the royal family. But the behavior of some of the queen’s relatives did not lose sight of the attention.

The British media write especially strongly about Princess SophiePrince Edward’s wife. During the Queen’s life, she was “Elizabeth’s biggest support”. Prince Edward’s wife also seemed like a rock to the mourning family. It was she who consoled little Charlotte, who at one time could not stand it and burst into tears. Sophie also supported Meghan just before the concert started.

Sophie and Edward sat in the front row at Westminster Abbey A few chairs from King Charles III and his companion Camilla. It was clear from afar that the Queen’s youngest son was in disarray. In the end there was a situation where he couldn’t hold back his tears. Then, alert and radiant, Sophie took out a white handkerchief and handed it to the weeping brother of the new king, who did not escape the attention of the paparazzi.

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