Alarm in Russia.  There is no electricity in a big city.  Was there an explosion?  – Q2

These are not good days for Russia. The Ukrainian offensive is gaining momentum, and President Volodymyr Zelensky is convinced that the Ukrainian army will regain control of Mariupol and other cities in the Zaborov region.

Ukraine is not limited to attacks only on its territory. On Sunday, the situation in Kursk was widely reported. As Ukraińska Pravda reported on Sunday, a Ukrainian drone struck the Russian building Federal Security Service (FSB) in the center of Kursk.

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Now, according to the latest information, there is a problem in another big city. Russian media reported power outages at St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport and in one of St. Petersburg’s districts. Local residents reported that they heard an explosion and saw a flash in the sky before the power went out.

Igor Socho, who writes about the war in Ukraine, wrote directly on TwitterPulkovo International Airport and surrounding residential areas in St. Petersburg were cut off from electricity and water after a large explosion.

What caused the explosion in one of the areas of St. Petersburg? This is not yet known, but we cannot rule out the possibility that it is the work of people from Ukraine.

Women fighting for Ukraine

The war resulted in about 60,000 soldiers serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. slim. Not only in the ancillary services, but also on the front lines. In the blink of an eye, the distinction disappeared. Women have the same rights, but they also have requirements and obligations.

Since 2014, the number of women serving in the military has nearly tripled. In fact, the changes began with the major reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which began in 2016.

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