Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 3.5mm jack and microSD?  beautiful dream

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is in the first renders so far. It heralds the return of 3.5mm jack connectors and microSD memory card slots. Does this Samsung flagship convince you to buy?

I will not hide that I am a little disappointed with this year’s flagship from the Korean manufacturer. Both the beginning of the year and those from the last few days are simply slightly improved versions of their predecessors, without any particular innovation. More serious problems are also not resolved, but they may lead to this Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – As long as it will be such shows.

Concept Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra / fot. Concept Builder & LetsGoDigital

Will the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra return with a 3.5mm jack connector and microSD card slot?

Most noticeable is clearly the significant return of the absent joints. Honestly, I don’t see the point in adding a 3.5mm jack connector, because currently TWS headphones are so cheap that buying those with a cable is masochistic. The slot for the memory card is different – I do not need it, but I understand the arguments of those for whom memory expansion is a necessary accessory for smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Concept Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra / fot. Concept Builder & LetsGoDigital

As you have certainly noticed, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra of the offering does not have a hole in the screen. Almost 100% are just wishful thinking, because the leaks have already talked about the camera. The camera at the bottom of the screen is in . format Galaxy Z Fold 3 It’s so bad that the Koreans won’t use it in the new flagship. Don’t ask me where the logic is, because it’s not here.

There is also a camera island. This will definitely appear on the back panel and will definitely be bigger than it was in 2021. I’m not sure if it will get that look (taken from Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, but it makes sense there because of the tuning of the lenses and the additional screen). However, rumors of a much larger matrix suggest that the island for the camera will be an archipelago – or a continent.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Concept Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra / fot. Concept Builder & LetsGoDigital

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