Triple H gives his thoughts on CM Punk’s return to WWE

During WWE Survivor Series 2023, CM Punk made a big surprise return to WWE at the end of the show.

A surprise that was not announced to anyone and kept secret until the last minute. CM Punk greeted the fans and ended the show leaving a lot of questions about CM Punk.

WWE held a press conference with the media after the show and Triple H said he was happy to see CM Punk back in WWE:

”It was one of those things that happened very quickly. But we are very excited about it. It’s long, long overdue for this to happen. Like it or not, positive or negative, people are always talking about it. He is a creator of debates and it is hard to avoid. To me, if our fans want it, if the WWE Universe wants it, it goes. It happened very quickly, which is why it was so secretive. […]

It happened suddenly. A lot of time has passed, almost 10 years. If you’re the same person you were ten years ago, it’s a waste. Everyone changes, everyone grows. I grew up, he grew up. It’s a different company, I’ve changed too. As for the future of CM Punk, I can’t wait to see what that holds. It’s going to be an amazing ride for everyone and the WWE Universe. I’m glad to see him at home, where he deserves to be.

Triple H makes it clear that no one at TKO pushed him to make this decision. Punk’s contract was arranged last week between Triple H and Nick Khan.

PWInsider picked up on the matter by noting that CM Punk had been signed for “several years.” To know more about the future of CM Punk and his role in WWE, we will have to keep an eye on the next developments.

Find all the results of Survivor Series Wargames 2023 in this link.

You can watch the Survivor Series press conference here:

Photo credit: WWE

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