A year after the slap |  Chris Rock Responds to Will Smith on Netflix

(Los Angeles) A ​​year after being slapped by Will Smith in front of a global audience, American comedian Chris Rock finally fought back on Saturday, unleashing his punches in several places. get up Streamed on the Netflix platform.

In March 2022, the American actor took to the Oscars stage and beat up the comedian who made fun of his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, who suffers from alopecia, a very short haircut.

Minutes later, Will Smith won the Best Actor Oscar for his role King Richard.

He later apologized to Chris Rock, but was banned from the Oscars, whose next edition will take place on March 12 for a decade.

The comedian refused to file a complaint and remained almost completely silent on the incident. But on stage in Baltimore Saturday night, he went off the rails, accusing the Hollywood star of “selective outrage” and saying he went after a little man because he was upset his wife cheated on him.

“Will Smith practices selective outrage,” Chris Rock said during the show, which aired live on Netflix, the first on stage.

Photo provided by Netflix via Associated Press

He recalls Will Smith being widely mocked after an episode of his wife’s Facebook show. Red Table TgalkIn it Jodi opened up about her affair and how it affected the actor.

“Why do that? he asked. “Everybody called him a bitch. They called his wife a stalker,” he said, adding that he tried to “support the actor when the information became public.”

According to Chris Rock, Jade Pinkett Smith’s animosity towards him goes back to an incident a few years ago when her husband invited her to boycott the Oscars because her film was not nominated. shocked In 2015.

“She said… a grown man had to give up his job because her husband had no name shocked [commotion cérébrale]. then, [Smith] Gives me a concussion,” he joked. “What the hell is this? So I was joking about that? We don’t care! “.

“People [me] “Does it hurt?”. It still hurts,” he said, referring to the received room.

“Will Smith is definitely bigger than me. Will Smith played Muhammad Ali in a film. Do you think I auditioned for this? “, he began.

The comedian, who appeared angry at times during his show, said before the slap that he had always admired Will Smith, first as a rapper and then as an actor.

“He made great films. I’ve supported Will Smith all my life. But now he is reportedly supporting the slave master who beats Will Smith’s character in his latest film. liberation.

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