March 22, 2023


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The war in Ukraine.  Moscow recruits in Syria

The war in Ukraine. Moscow recruits in Syria

According to American sources, Russia has been recruiting Syrians for several days. However, it is not known how many militants from Syria are actually willing to take part in the fighting. Reportedly, they each received between $200 and $300. To come to Russia and stay in Ukraine for six months.

Russia’s deployment of Syrian fighters in Ukraine will make this war more international. Thus, the conflict may become part of broader interregional dynamics, especially in the context of events in the Middle East, as Jennifer Cavarella of the Institute for the Study of War in Washington assesses.

In her opinion, Syrian mercenaries can also serve as support forces for Wagner groups, since both sides know each other well from the hostilities in Syria.

It is a private military company associated with the Russian Military Intelligence (GRU), which will be responsible for part of the Kremlin’s activities in the Middle East and Africa. She probably owns it Yevgeny Prigozhina close associate of the President of Russia, has been dubbed “Putin’s Chef” by the media because of his commercial gastronomy experience.

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