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Denise Philadelphia is one of the rare artists I call “fire actresses”. When you watch them play, you never know whether they will accept the roles assigned to them or whether the directors will make a wise choice to give them the roles of “dogs”.

Released at 7:15 p.m.

I asked myself this question once again while watching the documentary Denise Philadelphia – The Journey of a LegendIt airs on TVA on Friday evenings.

This famous fire I raise, Denise Filiadrol put it in Helen’s wrath (Once in the East), In the steely role of Blanche Bellefeuille (Death of a lumberjack) Or in the wrath of Lola Lee (Tomorrow morning, Montreal is waiting for me)

This fire, he puts it in many of the characters that spanned his long life: Rose Oymet and Pierred Currin (Sisters-in-law), Roberta (Flamingo’s pink plane), Gertrude Plum (Sea horse) Or Telema (Beautiful stories that pay off)

Denise Filiadrolle often described her career as a pioneer and relentless worker in numerous interviews. But this documentary, directed by his daughter Daniel Lorraine and produced by Denise Robert, shows us an essential aspect of her career: she has a wonderful desire to do this work. When she talks about this little girl who sees her acting in the basement of a church, from there, we understand that she wants to do everything she can to be like her.

When she was 8 years old, she took her first steps in the theaterAnd One year, young Denise had her makeup on the next morning to go to school. “I wanted to show that I do theater! Poor girl, what do you want?” She describes herself.

But paradoxically, the man who went to get a name for himself says that she stopped playing because she was lazy and a little tired. Learning texts was hard work for her. This is what will make her run in the theater and run in the cinema.

Photo by Bernard Brolt, Press Archives

Michel Tremblay was one of two people interviewed in the documentary. The other is Denise Arkand.

Do not expect that there will be colleagues and teammates around Denise Philadelphia. Only two people appear in this documentary Michael Tremblay, with whom a lot is talked about creation. SistersAnd Denise Arkand, with the exception of the 25-second scene in the film, did not work with him. Gina. You need to know that the stage girl and the filmmaker are best friends.

On the other hand, we have the right to obtain many juices from archives that see the music-hall aspect of his career and the extreme richness of his career. God makes her stuff! The final part of the show gives us some of the most eloquent images in this regard.

To tell you about her childhood and her beginnings, we had the idea of ​​taking Denise Filiadrol to places where she grew up. In front of the house where she was born, between Roe Cartier, Saint-Joseph and Gilford, she reluctantly points out the names of the apartments and the names of her former neighbors.

In front of a local grocery store (which still exists), she recalled how she harassed the owner Wednesday morning. RadiomondThe weekly magazine that talks about the big stars of the hour has arrived.

Later, in front of Saint-Laurent and Saint-Catherine’s ex-Phoenician Dore, he claims that he was hired to renovate the cabaret, but that he is “holy on the outside” because he is “not good”.

It was in this cabaret that he met Jack Lorraine, who would become his husband and father of his two daughters. “My National Drama School, my Conservatory, he gave them to me. ⁇

This is the question of the difficult evenings he played with Dominic Michael in Gaza Loma. This is obviously a question about this artist, whom the public has always associated with Denise Filiatrod Me and others. We know that the “great race of demons” still watch these episodes of comedy that mark the history of television and that it always makes them laugh. “Dominic is the woman who made me laugh the most in my life,” he says.

Denise Filiadrol found that today’s youth are very lucky to get into drama schools. But when Tremble asked her if she would like to study this art, she answered yes, before adding that she was not sure if she would have done it after three or four years of great impatience she always had.

Regarding this mythical impatience often portrayed by the actors he directed, he is content to say: “When they worked, I was patient. But if I realize they are not working, I’m going crazy. ⁇

At the end of the documentary, Denise Filiadrol says this shocking thing: “I’m not a great actress. But you have to look back at the best shows that TV and television have left us to understand that this is completely wrong.

In his lifetime, how would you describe how to create a Denis-Filiatrolde gift, which would be given for a person’s significant contribution to the field of art, composition, art direction, production scenery, stage or stage technique?

The versatility of this gift delights “la Filiatrault”. Because, with his glorious energy, he embraced this profession from every angle and every setback.

There is fire there too.

Denise Philadelphia – The Journey of a Legend. April 22, TVA, 9 p.m.

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