USA: A woman fell from a cliff while taking a photo with her husband.  It's too late to get help

A couple from Singapore went on a trip to Minnewaska Park in New York State. At one point, the couple wanted to take a souvenir photo, but it ended in tragedy. The woman lost her balance and fell from a 20-meter cliff. Her husband immediately raised the alarm, but unfortunately it was too late to help.

The tragic accident occurred in the building Minnewaska State Park In the city of Rochester in the United States.

A couple from Singapore went there on a trip. At one point, the two men, aged 41 and 39, stood on the edge of the cliff to take a souvenir photo. Unfortunately The woman lost her balance and fell off a cliff.

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Her husband immediately raised the alarm and Call the emergency number.

The group photo ended in tragedy. The woman fell off the cliff

New York State Police said in a statement that the 39-year-old woman fell to the bottom of the cliff from a height About 21 metres. The victim was taken to a safe place, and from there he was transported by paramedics.

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The woman was transported to Ellenville Regional Hospital, but unfortunately her life could not be saved. The doctor declared his death.

The incident is under investigation.

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