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Although initially she devoted herself to studying fashion design, Mabel Moreno Suarez is one of the most famous actresses in Colombia due to her participation in various productions. One of the last soap operas he saw. “This was widely accepted in his country.

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The soap opera tells the story Yemi Montoya, Played by the actress Maria Jose Vargas, A 16-year-old Colombian singer who not only helps her parents in their business but is also dedicated to her studies.

She always kept a secret that she fell in love with one of her classmates and was named after her neighbor. Charlie, He has written many songs. Tragedy comes in his life when his parents are murdered, but the notebook containing all his songs falls into the hands of the person who destroys his happiness. Unfortunately, she was sentenced to more than 17 years in prison.

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After serving his sentence, he leaves the prison after reaching an agreement with the authorities and begins revenge against the man he loves. This is how she becomes a new woman Tommy Andrade A 34-year-old woman finds a way to pursue her revenge plan.

Second, Carlos Cruz Illustrated by Carlos TorresHe is a young man with many followers and drives women crazy with his songs. He feels like the king of the flow, though the truth is different. Then he falls in love with Yemi so he can become famous through his songs. Already transformed into Charlie Flow, he is one of the most famous singers and has formed a family with his daughter Jema (Mabel Moreno).

The successful series has become a favorite in its native Colombia. (Photo: Karagol TV)


Known as an actress Mabel Morno Born in Colombia on June 25, 1983 and after completing her primary and secondary education she decided to study fashion design. However, his destiny to dedicate himself to acting was already marked where he could achieve great success.

That’s how he was invited to star in the series “La Joula” in 2001, and from that moment on, his life changed completely and quickly gained popularity.

He provided control of Caracol Television, which performed on the CM & # 39; s show business division & and hairdresser show.

What did Maple Moreno say about “Queen of Flow 2”?

Although Snail TV The last episode of the series is not presented The cast said goodbye to production several months ago, but since then, some details and events have been dedicated.

Like that Mabel Morno Interviewed for Juan Diego Alvira, Asked him about the characteristics that make up the hugely successful series ‘La Raina del Flow’.

With this in mind, the actress pointed out that two of the various factors that triggered the success of the series were betting on music, arguing that Recordon was very popular among the general public.

It will always be a project I have loved so much and Gema is a character I have enjoyed. From the first scene I read, I knew I had to do it, and I fell in love with it from the moment I read it. This project was very good due to the excellent connection we made with Caro (Ramres) and Carlos (Torres).“, He said.

Mabel Morno He surprised fans by revealing the reason he didn’t want to watch the second season. Jema de Cruz was murdered in the first season, but for obvious reasons he is not in the next episodes.

“It’s from pure Tussauds, truth, enmity or anything (…) OK, that’s why, at the same time I watch ‘Cafe Con Aroma de Mujer’ (her latest participation in ‘The Screen Girl’) and I already stayed on RCN, so what is the truth I didn’t see anything, only what Caro and Carlos uploaded“, He explained.

But when asked if the fact that he was not in the second season bothered him, he argued that he would have wanted to star in those episodes.

Charlie or Juancho? Who will choose when?

Second season “This ends Friday, September 10, and in the final episode, although Lycia’s words helped her make a choice, she has not met Juanzo since Mike Rivera abducted her.

In fact, he spoke to actor Andres Santo, who plays Juan Camilo in the Colombian soap opera On whether his love will be enough to win back the protagonist.

“Juanzo will always give his best and last as a couple or friend. However, he will always be with Yemi no matter what happens,” Santoval said.

He also suggested that Yemi Montoya could choose another path. “Maybe Yemi would have chosen to love herself, rather than choose one or the other,” he said.

On the other hand, Andres Santo expressed that he is ready to say goodbye to a character that has a lot of meaning in his life and career. “As long as the acting of ‘Jesus Christ’ continues to work for me physically, I will be the happiest actor in the world. Any character, with good news, is fantastic,” he concluded.

Some films that are said to have ended a few weeks ago “Queen of the flow“And the election of Yemi Montoya, nothing is certain yet because it could be misleading scenes that mislead the audience.

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